The five rules of life of Mikao Usui

Five very simple and very wise sentences.

In this blog article I would like to give you an understanding of the five rules of life of Mikao Usui. But above all, I would like to put to your heart the enormous potential of the rules. If you deal with them on a daily basis, they will inevitably have a great impact on your overall development – personally and spiritually.
Although they are “only” five simple sentences…

Where do the rules of life of Mikao Usui come from?

There are many versions, but only one of them is genuine. And that is the one inscribed on the memorial stone next to Usui’s grave. These five sentences are probably from the Meiji-Tenno from the 19th century. Usui did not invent them, but adopted them for his school. Probably also to politically recognize the Tenno, who was revered as a god in Japan at that time, in order to protect his school. However, the rules of life do not belong to any particular religion, but show the way to a spiritual attitude and way of life in everyday life.

As I wrote above, there are many different versions because there were no direct sources until the 90s. Until my friend Frank Arjava Petter successfully researched in Japan – access to information about the origins of Reiki was anything but easy – and published his first books in the late 90s. The translation in this article was done by Frank Arjava Petter and Japanese people who learned the ancient Japanese language (that is the language on the memorial stone) and who made the translation of the Rules of Life into German possible.

The wording of the Rules of Life gives you access to Usui’s spiritual philosophy

For Usui these rules of life were very important. He recommended (this can also be found on the memorial stone) to recite the Rules of Life every morning and evening in the Gassho meditation posture. He believed that they were a spiritual medicine for all illnesses and diseases. Here disease and health must be seen in the Buddhist sense. You cannot substitute medical measures with recitation. Although the recitation of course has beneficial effects, but not those of a “pill”. It is about your own attitude towards life. It is about how to live a happy and fulfilled life.

It is important that you do not classify the rules of life as self-suggestion or affirmations. They were never meant for that. They are mantras in the ancient Japanese language, words that connect you to the divine through their vibration and bring spiritual healing during meditation.

Mikao Usui’s Rules of Life in Detail

The explanations of the rules of life below are suggestions on how you can deal with them. You can do this though meditation. If you like, take the Japanese Gassho posture. Recite each rule of life slowly and consciously – and at the same time feel what this triggers in you.
In my experience, this can be a wonderful meditative start to the day, that will help you make the most of the new day.

Please keep in mind: Life rules are not meant to eliminate or suppress anger or worry from your life entirely. They can’t. Instead, together with the energy of Reiki, they teach you how to deal with these energies in a more meaningful way.

Only today …
Japanese: Kyo dake wa

This part of the rules of life alone is so helpful and deep … with these two simple words you come into the here and now. TWO WORDS – ONLY TODAY!

For me this is actually a sixth rule of life.

1. Only today do not anger
Japanese: Okuluna or Ikaluna

It is not about suppressing anger. Consider the emotion and ask yourself, for example, these questions, “What am I actually angry about?” “Does this anger have anything to do with me?” Here’s a hint: It always has, directly or indirectly. 
What can you do today to make yourself less angry tomorrow?

2. Only today do not worry
Japanese: Shinpai suna

Again, first ask yourself questions like, “What am I really worried about?” Is it possibly more anxiety about something or someone? Is it chronic worrying about others in order not to worry about yourself? So, is worry distracting you from a life in abundance? Is it about basic trust? … Get to the bottom of the worry.
And – what can you do today, so that tomorrow you will have less worries?

3. Only today be grateful
Japanese: Kansha shite

What does gratitude mean to you? How often are you grateful every day? What could an attitude of gratitude do to you and your life? Gratitude connects you with other beings and can help you realize that you are being taken care of. Gratitude completes the process of forgiveness. It is a matter of the heart. And this ist also important: Learn to be grateful for the little things. And the ones that are hard for you to deal with. Therein lies an important source of strength.

4. Only today work dedicated
Japanese: Goo hage me

You surely know some translations with “work hard”. After my own research, I came to the conclusion that the fourth rule of life means that you should work with full dedication and truth, from your heart. And with responsibility. This refers not only to working on yourself, but to the whole of your day’s work. By working from the heart, you create a positive and healthy future for yourself, according to your true nature, away from unhealthy habits. Be filled with positive karma.

5. Only today be kind to all (including yourself)
Japanese: Hito ni shinsetsu ni

This is, so to speak, the flowering of the previous ones. You can use kindness to fill your life and the lives of others with love, warmth and happiness. Please do not confuse kindness with softness or being taken advantage of. If you are truly kind with yourself, then you take care of yourself (see above) and set limits in time, where they are necessary and correspond to your true nature. And do not forget yourself. Because this rule includes you. 

The sequence of the rules of life is interesting and not random

The rules of life are basically interdependent. That means no rule is independent of the others. Nevertheless you can concentrate on one rule, if it seems right and important to you, or take out individual ones. But just the sequence of the rules of life, from one to five, results in an amazing whole, if they are consciously recited and felt within a mediation.

I wish you much success and insight in your daily experiences with the rules of life.

Heartfelt greetings