The school

Walter „Toa Toa“ Lübeck

Current Lineage Bearer/ Grand Master
Walter „Toa Toa“ Lübeck (4. Dan)

Official Name of Form
Rainbow Reiki®™ by Walter Lübeck®

How the lineage/practice is traced back to Dr Usui
Western Lineage: Mikao Usui – Dr. Chujiro Hayashi – Hawayo Takata – Phyllis Furumoto – Brigitte Müller – Walter Lübeck
Japanese Lineage: Mikao Usui – Dr. Chujiro Hayashi – Chiyoko Yamaguchi – Walter Lübeck

Ethics and Principles
The Five Principles of Mikao Usui like carved in the memorial stone at his grave:

Just today…

Do not worry,

Do not anger,

Be dedicated to your work,

Be thankful,

Be kind to all beings.

The three main Rainbow Reiki® Principles:

Personal Responsibility – Love – Consciousness.

The 17 Specific Rainbow Reiki® Principles:

  1. Everything is found within everything and is connected to everything. Natural individuality is not a consequence of something missing or some unique qualities of an individual which no one else owns. Natural individuality is an outcome of the unique way the qualities within an individual are arranged, used and expressed as an unmistakable pattern of the being.
  2. Everything is being put into existence by the spiritual power of the female. New beings, new ideas, energies and also the divine power of life. Therefore the female aspect within everything should be protected, respected and promoted. The greatest spiritual female force is that of Mother Earth. She is the greatest spiritual healer on this realm of existence, because through Her body the energy of the source of life comes pure and clear to those who are in need and are ill. She harmonises all what is unbalanced and in disharmony, according to Divine Order.
  3. Children need to be protected against harm and dangers. They need to be supported to develop into loving, conscious grown-ups who understand that they are responsible for their own lives. Children are the future.
  4. Don’t waste your time doing superfluous things. Energy, your time and your attention should not be wasted. Do what is necessary. Then your life can unfold according to Divine Order. Organise what you do as efficient as possible.
  5. You perceive the world according to your habits, beliefs and filters and not like it really is! The more you heal your beliefs, codes of morals, your ideas of being a victim, powerless, helpless, hopeless and poor, the more you are able to perceive and understand the real world. By doing so it becomes so much easier for you to deal successfully with your life.
  6. If you are able to let go, you are also able to receive. If you are able to say no, you are also able to say truly yes.
  7. Love expresses itself by saying „yes!“ to life, acting accordingly and being happy to be together with other parts of Creation.
  8. The energies of life move towards the focus of the consciousness of the body/inner child.
  9. Without devotion the Divine does not provide you with power. Without serving the Divine Order the divine does not support you as a ruler.
  10. Anger, pain and fear are calling you to adjust the process of your life much more to your own true needs.
  11. A person grows spiritually by having practical experience, which is mentally understood and emotionally integrated.
  12. What divides creates suffering and illness. What unites, heals.
  13. A loving, happy mood regarding life is the force which brings a person closer to the divine.
  14. The spiritual beings and powers cannot help you if you don’t ask them for their support. Because they respect your free will.
  15. Respect and gratefulness heal separation and invite oneness.
  16. The energies of feelings and emotions must be expressed via the body. Otherwise new blocks and suppression will be created.

  17. Music, dance and singing, which express the vibrations of the natural forces of life, open the hearts of the people who listen for the Divine and its healing influences. When nothing works anymore and Reiki is not accepted by the inner child/body consciousness, these remedies often are still able to harmonise blocks and help, that the healing powers of Reiki will be invited.

The Rainbow Reiki guideline for social relations: The forest is always better of than the single tree.