ENCHANTING FAERIE SOUNDS “Sounds of Peace and Healing” (Audio)


Relaxing, enchanting sounds of natural instruments, enriched with the spiritual light patterns of the solfeggio frequency (417Hz), for a deep connection to creation, dissolving karma and facilitating constructive changes in the sense of your soul’s path and the divine order.

With the special compositional structure of his “ENCHANTING FAERIE SOUNDS”, Walter Lübeck has created a new kind of spiritual music that takes you on a journey to yourself, to your heart, the spiritual power sources of your soul.

In addition, you will find in this audio deep spiritual wisdom, which can give your unconscious new impulses through the special light vibration of the music.

Enjoy this audio to relax, to let your mind become clear and carefree and to give your body the recovery that is so important today.

Duration: 120 minutes 
File size: 225 MB
File format: MP3

You can download the file up to 3 times, e.g. to your smartphone, tablet and PC. The files can be over 1000 MB in size. Please make sure that you have enough data volume available on your mobile devices. Depending on your contract, you may incur additional costs with your mobile provider after the data volume has been used up. Usually, media players are already installed on all devices to play the files. Just click on the file and your device will open it automatically.

* I created my music with the following instruments and software:
Rav Vast Handpan Drum…
DAW FL Studio Producer Edition…
FX Excalibur…
Exponential Audio…
Izotope Nectar 3…

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