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Awakening Your Heart-Field – Diving into the Vibration of Happiness

People long for the really big moments in life, the peak experiences — vacations, celebrations, promotions, praise, children, retirement, marriage, the New Year’s Eve party. If I achieved “X”…! Then…!
Yes – then what?

The truth is, life happens in the moments between the big events. Most of what matters in your life takes place outside the few “wonderful hours”. That is the reason why since ancient times spiritual teachings have imparted wisdom that helps to lighten everyday life, fill it with warmheartedness and the beneficial presence of the Divine. For your path should be paved with light and love. Not merely with rest periods that will — probably — only appear at long intervals.

Just imagine you could — at any given time — take the conscious decision to immerse yourself in Divine bliss. Imagine you could forever dip into it, recover, recharge, calm down and receive invaluable “downloads” from the Divine source whenever you need. Overall(!) — life will FINALLY become lighter, HAPPIER. It will be so much easier for you to tune into your soul path.

As it happens, the above mentioned Vibration of Happiness that belongs to the Heart-Field is exactly the frequency at which you can enjoy the contact with your Guardian Angel in the best way. And yes, there are male and female angels… I know this because I have been able to perceive these celestial beings since I was two years old.

Basically, he or she is a divine being that always stands by your side once you make the decision to walk the path in life your soul is longing for. The Guardian Angel will always support you, provided that you follow the three divine guideposts — joy, love and meaningfulness. And the Guardian Angel endeavors to attract your attention if you deviate from your path. Then he/she provides you with information, experiences that help you with your spiritual direction, getting you back in line with your soul path…

And your perception of the messages from the Guardian Angel becomes a lot clearer the more you are in your heart’s Vibration of Happiness…

Are you ready for…

  • Closer connection with your Guardian Angel?
  • Strengthening of your inspiration and intuition?
  • A brighter mood?
  • Harmonizing loneliness and finding your soul family?
  • Learning to perceive and love yourself as you are?
  • Allowing your divinity to be and enjoying it successfully?
  • Going into resonance with miracles, whether you believe it or not…?

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