About Our Licence Program

With the successful start of our license program, the Rainbow Reiki® System is now a system of proven quality. Every Rainbow Reiki® licence partner must attend a certain number of Rainbow Reiki® seminars per year in order to maintain a high-quality standard in Reiki care for our customers.

Our license program follows the educational structure of established professions to guarantee a safe and successful future for our Rainbow Reiki® professionals. Since February 1, 2014, the worldwide license program has brought all Rainbow Reiki® professional practitioners together into an international community, which supports personal development and the exchange of experiences across the world.

Through fixed prices of our seminar portfolio and the availability of high-quality and up-to-date education material, our partners can focus on their actual work as professional Rainbow Reiki® practitioner.

If you are interested in joining our license program, please contact us via our contact form.

Rainbow Reiki® Licence Program

Our partners in Germany and around the world.