The differences between Usui Reiki and Rainbow Reiki®

A comparison of the number and contents of the seminars and degrees…

There are three degrees within the Usui Reiki lineage, which goes back to Hawayo Takata, an American-born American of Japanese descent:
The 1st degree (application of Reiki by laying on of hands),
the 2nd degree (application of Reiki through distance healing; mental healing; increasing Reiki power) and the 3rd master/teacher degree (initiation of students in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree).

The contents of training courses and seminars in Usui Reiki or Traditional Usui Reiki are not clearly defined and are not controlled by anyone. The reason for this is that nobody has the right to set standards within the Usui Reiki field, because neither the terms “Usui Reiki”, “Traditional Usui Reiki”, “Reiki” nor the Reiki symbol are or can be legally protected in any way. The same applies to the contents, symbols and mantras.

Consequently, the initiation sequences, mantras and symbols can be changed at will. This has led to great confusion about the actual content of the legacy of Mikao Usui. Some Usui Reiki schools have divided the 3rd degree into 3a and 3b. The subjects of these subgrades and the reason for this division can be very different. Very often it is found that the 3a degree contains the initiation into the master symbol and mantra, while the 3b degree teaches how to initiate other people into the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree.

What is the 1st degree Rainbow Reiki® about and what is the difference to the 1st degree Usui Reiki?

Besides the contents which refer to Usui Reiki, there are many other methods within the 1st degree of Rainbow Reiki® which require some special initiations. This means that they cannot be used and applied with the Usui Reiki System initiations. Some examples are:

Marayana Sayi® (among others aura and group treatments, the respective healing mantras; Shalaya Sayi – soul retrieval; the Macro-Method – programming of individual Rainbow Reiki® treatment programmes), the Kurama Mountain Meditation, Healing with the Medicine Buddha and his mantra and lapis lazuli light a noetic symbol for dissolving blockages; the EnerSense method (learning to feel bioenergies with your hands) according to Walter Lübeck®. For the 1st degree Rainbow Reiki® no prerequisites are necessary!

What is the 2nd degree Rainbow Reiki® about?

Also here, apart from the contents which refer to Usui Reiki, there are many methods within the 2nd degree in Rainbow Reiki® which can only be applied with the corresponding Rainbow Reiki® initiations. Examples are:

Falayna Say®; five noetic symbols; harmonization of the pelvis; harmonization of the atlas vortex; psycho-harmony; harmonization of relationships; mental healing in no time; spontaneous vitalization; Kundalini culture.

Requirements: 1st degree Usui Reiki or 1st degree Rainbow Reiki®. In contrast to Usui Reiki, the 2nd degree of Rainbow Reiki® can be attended immediately after the 1st degree Rainbow Reiki®. The Rainbow Reiki® initiations have a very stabilising effect on the energy system of the student. In addition, there are the other Rainbow Reiki® seminars, which support spiritual development as well as the consolidation and expansion of spiritual healing abilities.

Rainbow Reiki® – offers many more seminars with even more unique methods…

All following seminars contain special Rainbow Reiki® initiations in symbols, mantras and partly in mudras:

Rainbow Reiki® – The 1st degree – The introduction to the magical world of Rainbow Reiki®. Including methods like: Marayana Sayi® – the quantum light bath; the Kurama Mountain Meditation (immersion in the spiritual power of the place where Mikao Usui found Reiki!) – No prerequisites!

Rainbow Reiki® – The 2nd degree – The high art of miracle healing for the musculoskeletal system; the harmonization of relationships with people, situations and / or substances; energetic cleansing of scar tissue; contact with light beings; Falayna Say® – a versatile distant healing method and much more!

Requirements: Rainbow Reiki® 1st degree or Usui Reiki.

Rainbow Reiki® light body work – connection of the divine self in you with the individual material existence. Follow the path of enlightenment and spiritual realisation.

Rainbow Reiki® Essences and Elixirs – Retrieving spiritual healing powers and storing them in water, vegetable oil and crystals. Anyone can make any spiritual essence – with the 25 years proven method of Rainbow Reiki® Essences and Elixirs!

Rainbow Reiki® Professional Practitioner | Acupuncture – energetic acupuncture; spiritual psychosurgery; symbols for the four elements; astral spiritual healing and much more.

Rainbow Reiki® Professional Practitioner | Magic Crystal & Feng Shui – the five sacred animals / five Chinese elements and Laya Te Yan – the magic crystal.

Rainbow Reiki® Parents & Children – Reconciliation between family members and dealing with difficult situations and experiences within the family.

Rainbow Reiki® Love and Partnership – Energy work for happiness in your relationships.

Rainbow Reiki® Vocation and Success – Special energy work and Reiki for healthy success, holistic learning and sensible handling of money and possessions.

Rainbow Reiki® Feng Shui – Filling living rooms, gardens and working environments with harmonious, constructive energy qualities. Simple and effective – simply Rainbow Reiki®!

Rainbow Reiki® Dainichi Nyorai Ki-Do – Experience the origins of Reiki and get in touch with the light beings that give us Reiki.

Rainbow Reiki® Astro Therapy – Using the world model of the trilogy to systematically improve the quality of life. For yourself, your family, clients, homes and businesses!

Rainbow Reiki® Advanced Metaphysical Healing – Many benefits for your musculoskeletal system and an ultimate method for forgiveness and healing of your heart!

Rainbow Reiki® Clearing – Getting rid of possessions and negative influences – a living experience of miracle healing – effective, safe and fun!

Rainbow Reiki® Meditation – A way of meditation you may never have experienced before. Simple, suitable for daily use and intensive. Prerequisites: Rainbow Reiki® 1st degree or Usui Reiki 1.

Rainbow Reiki® – The Mystic Path – Dive into the deep spiritual wisdom of the source of Reiki and learn to understand the magical power of Reiki from the depth of your heart.

The secrets of Usui symbols and mantras.
The secrets of the symbols and mantras of Rainbow Reiki®.

In addition, there are three Dan training courses (master/teacher degrees), which include various additional seminars. Masters who hold the 1st Dan are able to give the following seminars: Rainbow Reiki® 1st Dan, Rainbow Reiki® 2nd Dan, Rainbow Reiki® Love and Relationships, Rainbow Reiki® Vocation and Success, Rainbow Reiki® Happy Family. Furthermore, 1st Dan Rainbow Reiki® Masters are able to train licensed Rainbow Reiki® Spiritual Healers.

Additionally 2nd Dan Masters can give the following seminars: Rainbow Reiki® Light Bodywork; Rainbow Reiki® Astro Therapy; Rainbow Reiki® Practitioner 1; Rainbow Reiki® Practitioner 2; Rainbow Reiki® Meditation; Rainbow Reiki® Advanced Metaphysical Healing; Rainbow Reiki® Clearing; Rainbow Reiki® Essences and Elixirs. In addition, Rainbow Reiki® Masters holding 2nd Dan can become licensed Rainbow Reiki® Master Healers and licensed Rainbow Reiki® Masters holding 1st Dan.

Masters holding the 3rd Dan are able to teach the complete Rainbow Reiki® System in accordance with the Licensing Program.

Definition of the Rainbow Reiki® School, the respective initiations and the spiritual line of Rainbow Reiki®…

The contents regarding Usui Reiki can vary between different schools. There is no legal protection (trademark) for Usui Reiki, the Reiki symbol, the rules of life according to Usui, the symbols and mantras. Any kind of product or service can be advertised and sold under the names “Usui Reiki” and “Traditional Usui Reiki”. This is completely different with Rainbow Reiki®, because it is a registered trademark. The contents of Usui Reiki training courses are neither defined nor controlled in a generally binding way. Everybody can offer “Usui Reiki” or “Traditional Usui Reiki” with contents chosen at his own discretion. It is also at the discretion of the teacher whether the contents of the training courses and seminars offered under this term have anything in common with the method of spiritual healing based on the life work of Mikao Usui.

Consequently, there are teachers who offer “Usui Reiki” and “Traditional Usui Reiki” training courses and seminars and who really strive to understand the methods and contents that Mikao Usui brought into the world and to teach and apply them in harmony with our modern times. But there are also teachers who make less effort and for whom these aspects do not seem to be important. This makes it really difficult for people who want to learn Reiki in the sense and as part of the spiritual line of Usui. If you don’t make a lot of effort, it can be really difficult to know which school teaches what and in which way. In my opinion there is one exception, namely the school of Jikkiden Reiki. There you will find training courses and seminars of high and defined quality; it is enriched by the constant research of Frank Arjava Petter and Tadao Yamaguchi and filled with the spiritual Dharma (heritage) of Usui.

The Rainbow Reiki® trademark protection as a basis for high quality – in all countries of the EU…

In the Rainbow Reiki®-School the following terms are protected by law
Brands in all EU countries:

Rainbow Reiki®, Walter Lübeck®, Marayana Sayi® and Falayna Say®.
Furthermore, the school’s logo is protected in all EU countries. The names “Rainbow Reiki” and “Walter Lübeck” are also protected trademarks in Norway and Iceland. The trademark protection is a guarantee that Rainbow Reiki® seminars and training courses are only taught by highly qualified teachers.

The Rainbow Reiki® Licensing Program…

The Rainbow Reiki® Licence Programme ensures that the very extensive and original course material used is always up to date; that the teachers regularly attend further training courses several times a year; that they have completed at least 600 hours of instruction and that they have conducted and documented over 100 Rainbow Reiki® treatment sessions with clients. In this way Rainbow Reiki® is taught with the same very high standards throughout Europe and since autumn 2015 also in the USA. All course material, mantras, symbols and mudras used within the Rainbow Reiki® School are under my copyright and thus under my legally protected intellectual property. Therefore all these contents are legally protected against falsification and therefore always work in the best possible way.

By the way: Anyone who has attended a Rainbow Reiki® Seminar can of course use it for advertising!

The spiritual line of the Rainbow Reiki® School…

There are two spiritual lines within the Rainbow Reiki® School:
Mikao Usui – Dr. Chujiro Hayashi – Hawayo Takata – Phyllis Furomoto – Brigitte Müller – Walter Lübeck
Mikao Usui – Dr. Chujiro Hayashi – Chiyoko Yamaguchi – Tadao Yamaguchi – Walter Lübeck

The Rainbow Reiki® School and its initiations…

Through the initiations, special spiritual powers are awakened in the students and they receive mantras (words to invoke sacred powers), symbols (for the specific application of miracle healing) and mudras (special hand positions for the application of Reiki) for a lifelong and reliable application. Basically, the initiations in the Rainbow Reiki® School correspond to the initiations of the Takata School – as Brigitte Müller received them from Phyllis Furomoto – extended by elements that allow the application of additional mantras, symbols, mudras and other applications of the Rainbow Reiki® School. In addition, the Rainbow Reiki® School initiations provide energetic centering, grounding and stabilization to enable the very strong healing powers of the Rainbow Reiki® Methods to be applied with ease.

Through the extended initiations of the Rainbow Reiki® School it is possible to attend the 2nd degree Rainbow Reiki® immediately after the 1st degree. The research of the last decades about Usui’s life’s work and roots and the journeys I have made for this, e.g. to Japan, Hong Kong, India, Hawaii and Bali, have enabled me to develop completely new and amazing applications of the Usui symbols and mantras, but also of the noetic symbols and mantras of Rainbow Reiki®. These applications require the appropriate initiations of the Rainbow Reiki® School.

The differences between Usui Reiki and Rainbow Reiki® in terms of whole body treatment and special positions…

Full body treatment and special positions in Usui Reiki.

In many Usui Reiki schools the hands are placed on the different positions of the client’s body for at least three minutes. However, the order of the positions, their number and the location of the positions can vary greatly. Very often the hands are placed on the positions so that Reiki can flow to the internal organs. In addition, very often some important reflex zones are supplied with Reiki through the laying on of hands, and some schools include the main and side chakra. The sequence of positions, which takes into account all important organs, is usually called “whole body treatment”.

Some schools do not include the legs and feet in the whole body treatment. In my opinion, this reduces the effectiveness and tolerance of the whole body treatment.

Special positions are all positions above the full body treatment, which for individual reasons are treated with Reiki by laying on of hands. As a rule, the special positions are treated with Reiki for much longer than the three minutes known from the full-body treatment positions. For example, they each last about 20 minutes of treatment time. Some schools suggest treating a special position until no Byosen (Japanese for disharmonious life energies) can be felt in the position. There are also various techniques that use intuition to find the right position for Reiki.

Full body treatment and special positions in Rainbow Reiki

Rainbow Reiki® uses 17 positions for a full body treatment. The hands are placed on the positions for at least three minutes. There are recommended special positions for a number of different topics as well as methods to select the Reiki positions intuitively.

Rainbow Reiki® Marayana Sayi® – The Quantum Light Bath…

In most cases, however, the method of choice for full body treatment and for special positions is the method learned at the 1st degree Rainbow Reiki® – Marayana Sayi®. With Marayana Sayi® it takes only about 2 to 4 minutes to build up the whole body treatment including the special positions. The special positions can be applied either on the body surface, inside the body (organs, glands etc.) or in the aura. Marayana Sayi® runs for exactly 20 minutes and ends automatically with a balancing of the main chakras, an intensive cleansing of the aura, energetic centering and grounding.

Just like the special positions in Usui Reiki, this method provides all established positions with Reiki simultaneously for the full 20 minutes. The special healing mantras of Marayana Sayi® can be used to direct Reiki more to the areas where it is most needed.

Marayana Sayi® Shalaya Sayi – soul recuperation with the power of miracle healing!

One method within Marayana Sayi® is Shalaya Sayi©. It basically works like a shamanic soul retrieval and is very simple, safe and extremely effective in its application. Marayana Sayi® can also be used as a remote treatment for individuals, the practitioner himself or even for whole groups of people. Thus within Rainbow Reiki® a very efficient and versatile remote treatment with the 1st degree is possible! When people and animals are treated simultaneously with the Marayana Sayi® remote treatment, the light beings that take care of Rainbow Reiki® will´automatically adjust the positions on the human body to the needs of the animals.

Then there is the Marayana Sayi® macro method. With this method, any sequence of special positions, including additional crystals, essences, essential oils, even mental healing from the 2nd degree (if the user is already trained in it), can be stored in its entirety under a unique name.

Pleasant and time-saving whole body treatments with Marayana Sayi® – also for the whole family at the same time…

So for the following Marayana Sayi® treatments, you only need one special mantra and this unique name to add the previously established complete sequence of special positions. Of course this saves a lot of time. All in all Marayana Sayi® offers the possibility to save time in many ways! For example, a highly efficient full body treatment with Reiki including the special positions takes only 2 to 4 minutes to set up and then runs automatically for 20 minutes. In this way, the whole family, including your cat and dog, can receive a pleasant Reiki treatment after work and it won’t be (too) late!

The Marayana Sayi® method is ideal for relaxation sessions in a group, as an addition to a dream holiday, yoga classes, Qi Gong, autogenic training or Tai Chi. Even within your practice as a spiritual healer you can offer an efficient whole body treatment with Reiki. It does not require much time and therefore does not cause high costs.

Instead of treating each individual special position with Reiki, Rainbow Reiki® users simply incorporate it into a Marayana Sayi®. In my opinion, Marayana Sayi® is the ideal spiritual healing method for people and their situation in today’s world, where there is hardly the possibility to have one or two hours of free time.

With Marayana Sayi® Reiki flows directly from the source of Reiki to the client. The spiritual healer is part of the energy field and therefore also receives Reiki.

The energetic influence of Marayana Sayi® has been repeatedly documented by Prof. Dr. Ignat Ignatov, who has been scientifically researching the work of spiritual healers, clairvoyants and Reiki healers for over 20 years.

The first picture on the left shows the energetic situation of a client before a Marayana Sayi® session with me. The picture on the right shows the energetic situation of the same client after 20 minutes of Marayana Sayi®.

Please note: Marayana Sayi® is a method of spiritual healing (Rainbow Reiki®) and as such is neither suitable for diagnoses in the medical sense nor to replace medical therapies. If you feel ill or are ill, you should seek the advice of a licensed physician. Spiritual healers cannot and should not make medical diagnoses or prescribe medical therapies as part of their work.

Important literature…

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