The history of Rainbow Reiki® chronologically…

1989: Development of Rainbow Reiki by Walter Lübeck begins on the fundamentals of Mikao Usuis and Dr. Chujiro Hayashis work, which he researched himself and later (end of the 90s) with friends Arjava Petter and William Lee Rand until now.

1989: Walter Lübeck started an ongoing education program for Reiki-students with Reiki-techniques he had developed, like: Reiki-shower, Systematical Chakra Healing, Aura-Massage, integration of aromatic oils and crystals into Reiki sessions, „Homeopathic“ Touch, breathing exercises.

1991: The Reiki-Do Institute International Walter Lübeck® has been founded to do research on Usui Reiki and its history, to develop effective healing methods on the fundamental of the true Usui Reiki and to train Rainbow Reiki Practitioners and Masters on a professional level worldwide. Many experienced Reiki-Masters consider the Rainbow Reiki Training program as by far the best and most extensive and complete in the world. The Rainbow Reiki Training Program for Professional Spiritual Healers and Masters/ Teachers has been continually enriched and revised to offer always the best content and teaching methods.

1992: Development of the Rainbow Reiki Essences Method by Walter Lübeck which was then published in the book “Rainbow Reiki”, by Walter Lübeck. The book has since been translated to more than 10 languages.

1992: Traveling Southern India, Walter researched the spiritual roots of Usui Reiki, finding family traditions, reaching back to the 12. century, of spiritual healers, which resemble much Usuis Reiki system.

1993: „The Complete Reiki Handbook“ by Walter Lübeck was sold 10.000 time within six weeks in Hungary. Because of this, Walter was invited to do a tour with lectures and concerts across Hungary by the hungarian publishing house.

1999/ 2000: Traveling to Hongkong and Bali, Walter Lübeck did onsite research about the spiritual roots of Usui Reiki, meeting with spiritual healers and Qi Gong masters.

1997: Walter organized the first seminars about !Japanese Reiki“ for how friend Arjawa Petter in Germany.

2000: The book “The Spirit of Reiki “, written by Walter Luebeck, Arjava Petter and William Lee Rand is published in German language and since then translated to more than a dozen other languages including English. This volume is the first book, which covers the true history of the Reiki system of natural healing of Mikao Usui from its beginnings until today. The three authors have put their experience and the outcome of their research about Reiki to produce a unique book about the heritage of Mikao Usui complete with Usuis and Hayashis Reiki manuals.

2000: Together with William Lee Rand and Arjawa Petter, Walter Lübeck was invited as a keynote speaker to the the 1. Asian Reiki Conference, which took place in the Ahok-Hotel, New delhi, India.

2000: Walter travelled Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Kurama-Mountain), researching the roots and places of Usui Reiki.

2000 – 2005: Walter studied Jikkiden Reiki with Chiyoko Yamaguchi (1. and 2. degree), then with Tadao Yamaguchi (Shihan-Kaku). Walter Lübeck Reiki-Lineage (Japan): Usui – Hayashi – Chiyoko Yamaguchi – Tadao Yamaguchi.

2000 – 2006: Walter Lübeck was invited four times as a keynote speaker to William Lee Rands famous International Reiki Convention.

2000 – 2008: Integration of several new signature symbols and mantras by Walter Lübeck into the training program. The mantras and symbols are remembered by Walter Lübeck from former lives where he worked as a healer with Reiki-Energy. Based on the mantras and symbols, new methods of Spiritual Healing Energywork were developed as enrichment of Rainbow Reiki and integrated into the traning program.

2006: The hip-correction, developed by Rainbow Reiki Master/ Teacher Paul-Esben Wanvig was integrated into the Training Program.

2007: The Allergy-Harmonization, developed by Walter Lübeck, was integrated into the Training Program.

2010: The Marayana Sayi® Method, a groundbreaking new way of whole body treatment with Reiki became part of a standard content of the Rainbow Reiki 1 seminar.

The Falayna Say® Method, a unique and extremely powerful new way to do distant healing became a standard content of the 2. degree Rainbow Reiki seminar.

2010: Walter travelled the islands of Hawaii, researching the spiritual roots of Reiki in Huna (ancient spiritual tradition of Hawaii) and places, where Takata lived and worked.

2011: Energetically Acupuncture with Rainbow Reiki was developed and became standard content of the Rainbow Reiki Practitioner 1 class.

2012: The unique energetically effects of Rainbow Reiki Spiritual Healing have been documented by Prof. Dr,. Ignatov, a scientist who does research on Spiritual Healing, Reiki and Mediums since about 25 years. The Spiritual Healing for this research was performed by Walter Lübeck. The effects of Rainbow Reiki Spiritual Healing Methods on the energy systems of humans and on water were documented in quality and quantity..

2013: The terms “Rainbow Reiki”, “Marayana Sayi”, “Falayna Say”, “Walter Lübeck” and the Rainbow Reiki Logo are now registered trademarks ® in all countries of the EU. “Rainbow Reiki”, “Walter Lübeck” and the Rainbow Reiki Logo are Registered Trademarks in Norway and Island.

In spring of this year, 16 Rainbow Reiki healers traveled to Bulgaria for a scientific study, performs by Prof. Dr. Ignatov. All of them produced outstanding results.

2014: The Rainbow Reiki Licensing program started in all countries of Europe, Norway and Island. From this year on Rainbow Reiki licensed masters, who use the original teaching material, can only perform seminars and training. Ongoing education, tests and networking are now a standard of the Rainbow Reiki School.

New spiritual healing methods like Marayana Sayi® Shalaya Sayi, Wyrn Shaya and Feyn La Say were developed and integrated in the teaching program of the Rainbow Reiki School.

2015: The Usui Symbols Reloaded methods have been developed by Walter Lübeck and integrated into the Training Program. With the Usui Symbols Reloaded methods, completely new and unique ways of spiritual healing with Reiki, based on enriched initiations, are now available: Spontaneous Vitalisation; Speed Mental Healing, Safe & efficient Kundalini Promotion.

2018: Start of the Rainbow Reiki® Wizard program.

2019: The first international Rainbow Reiki® convention takes place in Hameln, Germany.