What does getting hurt mean from a spiritual point of view?

This kind of situation everybody knows for sure, and dislikes it so much.

Whenever life, another person, a situation hurts you. Hurts you really, really bad. You feel miserable, weak, beaten. You definitely do not want to experience something bad like this again! And you might get much more sensitive, vulnerable … and maybe very creative and much more open to change too!

Suddenly you develop curiosity towards new topics.

You are eager to learn what might help you in the time to come to avoid stress and pain, to be as ready as you can get for facing a challenge successfully next time. You want to get as soon as possible more competent in protecting yourself, to become wiser in dealing with difficult situations. You are longing to become more clever to avoid danger before it happens to you, stronger to defend yourself.

Because you want to do your best to avoid such pain in the future and never ever experience such a nasty situation again for the rest of your days. Making your tomorrow as secure as it can get.

By thinking more and in new ways about life and yourself, your path, your perception becomes clearer. There is more attention about what is going on and what might go on.

Maybe you start to read selfhelp-books, attend seminars and listens to esoteric blogs and videos, hoping so much to heal and strengthen yourself.
So far, so good…

Maybe you suddenly realise now that you do not want to go on with your life as before. Because by getting wiser and stronger and more open to opportunities you got a lot more ideas how to enjoy a better life. Because whenever life hurts this is really, really frustrating. And it motivates you to search for something new, something better. Making more of what you got. Finding out how to activate your talents, your powers.

And here I will give you a hint…

Do all the wonderful, constructive things mentioned above without waiting for hurt and pain as motivators for personality development.

Maybe these unpleasant experiences are not needed anymore. They just stay away because you already walk your path and let your talents out to shine and blossom.
Would you like to give this idea a try? It might become a blessing…

May your days and nights be filled with love and light, Walter