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Januar, 16, 2021, 10:00 am – 6:30 pm CET
Januar, 17, 2021, 10:00 am – 6:30 pm CET

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Angels are light beings who help us to find happiness, development, success and healing. In this webinar you will learn how to work best with them, who they really are and what they can do for you and your loved ones.

This webinar is not only about the well known guardian angels. The ethereal worlds – the sky – are full of specialists for all kinds of problems and areas of expertise.
In this webinar you will learn to understand what angels actually are, to establish conscious contacts to them, to receive their healing power yourself and to make it available for friends, to invite the light power of angels into your world with rituals.

Energy work with angels can help to overcome many everyday challenges more easily, if there is understanding for the basic rules in dealing with the heavenly creatures. The special, light, “exhilarated” way angels interact with people and support them on their way can awaken similar qualities in those they care for. Understanding the place of angels in creation and the many tasks they have fulfilled for eons for the benefit of creation can give us deep insights into the hidden order of the universe and the meaning and purpose of life.

I had my first conscious contact with an angel at the tender age of 2 1/2 when I looked up in the sandbox while playing and saw an angel looking at me with big, kind eyes. Since this encounter with an angel the light beings belong to my life. For three decades I have been guiding people to them and teaching them how to work together with the angels.

If you want to get to know the angels better and make your life and the world more beautiful, happier and healthier together with them, this webinar is the right opportunity for you!

Program Overview
– Light work with the archangels Raphael (angel of heart and forgiveness), Michael (spiritual protector), Gabriel (angel of feelings and life stream), Uriel (angel of abundance), Metatron (angel of clarity and spiritual developement)
– The Guardian Angel Ritual and the Guardian Angel Talisman
– The Nine Orders of Angels, their tasks and how you can work with them to bring love, healing, wisdom, happiness and abundance into this world.
– Energy work with the blessings and spells of the angelic orders to invite heavenly assdistance into your life.
– The qualities of the Archangels and how you can call them.
– How to do an angel altar and how to use it for meditation, light work, spiritual activation of oracle cards, candles, incense, crystals…
– Astral journeys to the angels
– Heavenly angel songs for the expansion of consciousness
– The consecration of angel candles
– The portable angel power station
– Consecration of incense with the light of angels
– Transmission of healing angelic power with the hands
– The dissolution of possessions with the help of the Archangel Michael
– Meditation with the Metatron Light Pyramid
– Heart Healing with the Archangel Raphael
– Inviting prosperity with the Archangel Uriel
– Healing Relationships with Archangel Gabrielle

Walter Lübeck

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Writing materials, colored pencils as well as one rose quartz, one amethyst and one rock crystal. The stones should be tumbled and at least the size of a cherry, at most the size of a walnut. A white candle or a tea light.
Reading tip
“Rainbow Reiki”, “The Chakra Energy Cards” and “LEA Life Energy Work” by Walter Lübeck®, Windpferd Verlag. The books do not need to be read before the Webinar.