Why it is never worth stopping learning about Reiki

When I started with Reiki, in 1987, my Reiki Master had taught me everything she knew about the 1st degree. At least that is what she said herself. And it helped me to help.
But to help even more people, animals, it took more than she knew. I found that out in many Reiki sessions. So I went on a search and discovered so many more important things about Reiki and therefore I could be a good help for so many more suffering people.
After more than 30 years I am still learning more and more about Reiki. What I have discovered I pass on to my students. Because together we can do much more good.

Can Reiki alone be your teacher?

No. But Reiki can make your “inner search system” work better. So you will always find good opportunities to learn, to grow. You get to know good teachers and companions. You become aware of important things.

Sometimes someone accuses me of thinking I am “better” than Mikao Usui, the founder of the Reiki healing method, because I teach a much more comprehensive system than Usui, Hayashi or Takata did. With methods that can do wonders that were unknown 100 years ago. And because I say: “Discover the power of miracle healing in you!

I don’t care if I am “better” or “worse” than someone else. And I have no idea how such a thing could be measured. Besides, I cannot understand why such a comparison should be important.  There are more important things than caressing a sick ego… In my life I only compare myself with myself – who was I yesterday? And who am I today? Have I learned what I was given yesterday as a learning topic from life? Have I done the little I could today to make the world a better place?

Mikao Usui has left us a wonderful life’s work.

That is for sure, I think.
And I honor Usui, Hayashi and Takata by trying to explore their work as best I can. And to put what I found to use in the present day.
And I honor them by doing what they did: Learning to make more of the possibilities of Reiki. To be the best spiritual healer I can be that day, every day.

Does a good teacher want his students to stop where his teaching left off? Probably not. I know from the spiritual martial arts that the highest honor of a teacher is to help his students go much further than he or she was able to.
I wish the same for my students.

All practitioners of a spiritual path stand on the shoulders of the teachers before them.

Without our teachers we would not be able to rise higher. Alone, this is not possible. That is not the only reason why spiritual teachers deserve respect. But a spiritual teacher will never set limits to a student. He will always help to overcome boundaries. This is the nature of the spiritual teacher-student relationship.

Rainbow Reiki® exists only because there was Usui, Hayashi and Takata.

And because these teachers did the best they could in their time and place for the Reiki path. For me this is an essential part of the tradition of Reiki. So I continue to explore Reiki, the heritage of Mikao Usui. And I regularly thank him and the other teachers. Without them I would never have had the opportunity to discover Reiki and to learn and teach wonderful new things about it.

Reiki is just too good not to learn all kinds of things about it.