What exactly is “health”?

How many times have I heard within the last year until now (2020/21) the phrase or actually rather the request “Stay healthy!” and said it myself… many times!
Partly, of course, this farewell formula is truly meant from the heart and I sense a sincere, human-warm caring in those two words. And partly it serves more as a new kind of farewell phrase because “everyone” says it. At times it feels to me as if these two words are a kind of mantra of the Covid19 pandemic.
Interestingly, this short prompt assumes that you are already healthy! Who says, “Don’t get sick!” or “Stay away from XY!”? The focus is clearly on maintaining health. As if the other person – quite naturally – is already healthy and only needs to maintain this state.

Words and thoughts can, correctly used, be healing in many respects.

Spiritually interested people have known this for a long time. For me, it makes sense to carefully trace these two simple words. Am I really healthy? What can I do for myself to strengthen my health, to make it more stable? And – how do I find my way back to self-love?
Because love for myself – very practically, even in the “little things”” of life – that is, after all, the root of love for all others around me. Where do I easily overlook that I have reached – or even already exceeded – the limits of my capacity, resilience? Maybe you would like to ask yourself these questions regularly and do something good for yourself with the answers. Make notes if necessary and – be honest with yourself.
By the way, at this point we can apply one of Mikao Usui’s valuable rules of life:

“Especially today be loving to the beings” … and that includes you!

The question “What is health?” was for me more than 20 years ago the starting point for a long teaching video, which since then belongs to the core content of my Rainbow Reiki® Master Training. There are different definitions of “health” – among others also from the WHO (World Health Organization). And in my opinion they are so vague and illusionary that they are no good for practice.

My definition is:

Health is the degree of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being that a particular person considers so good that he or she does not try to improve the condition.

Even if another person, who may have made more of an effort to improve his or her well-being, would say, “You can still do a lot of good for yourself!”, the person may see it completely differently. Have you ever experienced something like this in your circle of family or friends? I have…

The extent of health that a person allows himself depends in many respects on his awareness of what is possible. And the extent to which he or she allows himself or herself something significantly better. To love himself or herself enough to be motivated to improve his or her own condition.

How about you?
How much well-being do you allow yourself?


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