Turning the crisis into an opportunity or transforming manure into fertilizer

When times get tough, there are two ways to deal with it – wait and see what happens and do nothing or going forward, allowing yourself to be guided and actively managing life during the difficult times.

Since my youth I have always chosen the second option. Because I know that the Divine always gives us something good, valuable, in the misery that we humans have once again caused. It is only important to be attentive, to expand our consciousness, to be spiritually clear (meditation is my favorite here!) , and to seek the gifts of creativity…

There’s always one question that helps me …

“How can I help more and better right now?”

Because I am a spiritual healer and teacher and this has been my calling for over 30 years.

But even if you live and love other kinds of calling, there is also the need to help, to lend a hand, in your area of profession, of life.

So how can you help better in your area today?

For me, compassion, consciousness, kindness and love, the awareness of the inner spiritual Guidance are the foundations of the successful way to deal with states of crisis.

You don’t need to do anything big today, necessarily!
Look around – where can you help?
How can you help better, more efficient today?

If you watch with your heart, I’m sure you’ll find plenty to do.

Remember – we all need someone to look after us, to give advice and support, to care.
Right now there are so many opportunities to help with the big and small healings needed to heal the chaos currently happening.

Reiki – The Healing Hands, help to relax, to let go of stress, uncertainty.
Meditation guides us into the healing tranquility, from which the power to deal with challenges is naturally born.

The connection to the Divine in prayer creates wisdom, kindness and confidence and helps to keep the general view and not to get lost in the daily tangle of trivialities.
Allow yourself to use these and other spiritual sources of healing and guidance.

They give you what you need to rise from the ashes like the phoenix of legends. New and radiant, wiser and stronger. And to take the beings around you along with you when they are too weak to move themselves for a time…

From the bottom of my heart I wish you all the best, health and confidence!
How would it be, especially today, to be a warm bright light in the darkness for others?

Let’s carry the light back into the world together…

Heartfelt greetings, Walter Lübeck