The Return of the Mothertrees


Mother tree – an unusual word. A word that may never have reached your ears – at least not in our time.
Before the patriarchal religions, first of all Christianity, converted the world – often by violent means – to their views, mother trees were sacred. In the sense of the word “sacred” meaning “filled with the creative power”.

What is a mother tree?

A Mother Tree is selected already in the first years of its very, very long life by a priest or priestess of the Great Goddess, the “Mother of Life” or also “Mother Nature”.
With a special light work the potentials of the young mother tree are activated and promoted in their development. Thus, the mother tree, which becomes wiser and more powerful with the years, can pursue its tasks better and better.
But, what are these tasks? What exactly does a mother tree do?

What are the tasks of a mother tree?

In a mother tree there are fine spiritual antennas of highest sensitivity. These ensure that the extremely important messages of the starlight, the primordial mothers (suns), for a life determined by the Divine order in the material world with its shortcomings and limitations, reach us on earth.
From the mother trees the messages are distributed to other trees and bushes and further to the animals and people. Thus, we beings of the Earth become part of the great cosmic mandala. 
We can vibrate in the rhythm of the infinite waves of creation. Secure in the infinity of being. Supported by the universal sense that is inherent in all life processes and interconnects them constructively.

What happens in the world without mother trees?

Without the mother trees, the information streams of the Divine can reach us only imperfectly, incompletely, often distorted and distorted in meaning. Thus, the organization of life in this world is replaced by the decisions and evaluations of the ego. Which is ultimately controlled by fear and greed.
This is how the world order we know today came into being. An “order”, which destroys itself agonizingly. A system of the unjust rule with each other around short-term delightful and long-term destructive profits full of violence of competing egos.
The human mind is much too limited to even imagine the extent of the damage done by the “crown of creation” in a few millennia – and especially in the last centuries.
And therefore the human spirit cannot bring the comprehensive, worldwide disaster also again in order. For it both insight, and wisdom and power are missing.

The return of the mother trees can rebuild paradise

But nature can. And the mother trees are the pure, powerfully beating heart of nature.
In the culture of Lemuria, which perished about 12,000 years ago, there were extensive gardens of the Goddess – parks, each covering dozens to hundreds of square miles.
The sophisticated culture of Lemuria was a fully integrated part of nature. People did not compete with other beings and with each other for limited resources.
Instead, they enjoyed the sensual life of natural abundance to the fullest.

The Master Dryads and their Mother Trees

The Mother Trees, with their tree angels, the Master Dryads, took the place of important advisors. Through them, the spiritual messages of the Suns of the Universe were woven into the complex eco-system of the Earth and made into lived happiness, prosperity, abundance and meaning for all beings.
With the demise of Lemuria and Atlantis by massive meteorites crashing to Earth, not only did the great civilizations of these parts of the Earth that had flourished for thousands of years disappear. The ancient, mighty mother trees also perished in the roaring floods of tsunamis, earthquakes and storms.

The hatred of the patriarchal societies for the mother trees

In the following millennia, the ever new attempts to revive the Lemurian culture and way of life were more and more threatened by the rising patriarchal peoples. The patriarchal religions and their power-hungry organizations glorified the masculine separated from the goddess, the spirit and the afterlife.
Earthly life, with all its wonderful experiences, and women, who with their loving power can give souls new bodies for earth life, they see as unworthy, as dirty and harmful.
Sensuality and joy of life are literally demonized by patriarchal religions. And wherever the murdering armies of the “master races” could reach, they cut down and burned the mother trees.
To make the hated near-natural life impossible.

The Mother Trees Help Heal Our Planet

At this time, at the beginning of the Aquarian Age, people are facing enormous problems and decisions.
It is necessary to reintegrate human life into nature, so that pests finally become beneficial creatures again. Mankind cannot cope with this great task alone.
And so the Master Dryads of the Mother Trees of Lemuria have agreed to come to us again. To help mankind to make the great step into nature – and thus to the healing of our planet and its inhabitants.
Many powerful light beings accompany the Master Dryads on this adventure.

The Divine Matrix of the Mother Trees

And together they built in the last years a complex matrix – a highly developed spiritual energy structure, through which the Master Dryads, with the help of volunteers, trained for this purpose, can find the right trees again.
The people who learn to find the right trees and activate them as Mother Trees, thus take over a task for several years, during which the Master Dryads can carefully prepare their trees for the great tasks and connect with the earthly nature.
In January 2023 there will be the first briefing on the activation of the mother trees and their care. At present the light beings are preparing me intensively for this activity,
And with pleasure I agreed to this great honor for me.
With joy I am waiting to bring the power of the Mother Trees back to earth together with like-minded women and men.
Are you with me? Do you feel the resonance of your heart?

Heartfelt greetings, Walter