The Freedom of Thought, Hara Breathing and Usui’s Rules of Life

By seeing something, perceiving something, you get in touch. But only when you think about what you perceive, empathize with the object, you create real consciousness in relation to the object, the person or situation to which your attention is directed.
As soon as a moral evaluation enters your thoughts when thinking about something, we are no longer in spiritual resonance with the object or person in our perception.. Good and bad are evaluations of the ego, mechanisms of adaptation. 

Neutrality is central to spiritual awareness.

To align the mind in the right way, the spiritual way, it is helpful to breathe into the hara. This is a point of energetic, mechanical and psychological balance located two finger widths below the navel, inside the body. This makes it much easier to establish deep contact with what is perceived from a neutral, spiritual perspective. In this way, the divine can be more easily and profoundly recognized in what we perceive on the outside.
Especially when certain concepts or persons, situations, objects or opinions are very familiar to us, are part of our daily life, it can be very important to look at them from the unbiased, neutral perspective of the mind.
And suddenly, wonder can appear in the familiar.

For is it not the case that he who recognizes the divine in everything is himself at rest in divinity?

And only the uncovering of this deeply spiritual state creates freedom. Freedom to be yourself, to live your truth. The way the Creator Power meant you to be.
The less you are in balance, the more unpleasant your life becomes. The more you get upset about others and other thing, because it is not the way you think it should be, because you realize you have no control, because you reject yourself ,because you think you have to be a different person than you are.

A very good example for me are the rules of life left by Mikao Usui, the founder of the Reiki method. Pretty much everyone who has studied Reiki knows them. But when it comes to understanding how these rules of life can be integrated into everyday life, how they can be lived, what they really mean for a spiritual path – than many find it difficult to think further.
But when the Hara breathing is used, Reiki is given on the temples to balance the two hemispheres of the brain – then thoughts flow more and more easily and without prejudice.
Then you have opened the treasure chamber to wisdom.
Then you has access to the heritage of Mikao Usui and his deep understanding of Reiki.

Heartfelt greetings, Walter

P.S. In my books: “Reiki – The Way of the Heart” and “The Reiki Compendium“, which I co-authored, I have discussed in detail the topics of the Rules of Life.

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