Take time – Feel – Enjoy – Be happy

What does it do to you when you think about your happiness?
 Do you like to avoid the thoughts? Do you console yourself with the future, which might be better? Does your mood go down? Or are you happy about your beautiful life?

Everything that is, has its justification. Otherwise it would not be there. You can decide, every second of your life, in which direction you turn: Do you turn towards love, joy, meaning – and thus potentially your true nature, or do you pay more attention to your fears, your greed, and thus rather to the ego, which is hostile to life?
One thing is certain… the stronger the resonance, the more relevance the topic has for you. Your mood is an important indicator for it. It has a scale on which there is not only “yes” or “no”, but many gradations.

How are you doing with the thoughts that deal with happiness?

Write down what you perceive, see, hear, then you will become more aware of yourself. How is your body … And already you have arrived so much more at yourself, in a very simple way, by giving yourself some time to pay attention to your perception. Thereby you could find out more about yourself, get closer to yourself or at least rediscover something you already knew, but perhaps like to forget or steadfastly ignore. Please do not turn away from your self-awareness.
Feeling yourself within a time-out is a good way that you can go alone for yourself to come to yourself, to discover and recognize hidden happiness:

„What is the best way for me right now to feel even better?”

The important thing is that you are moved from inside yourself so more of you can show up. Enjoyment is a result of “learning to feel yourself” and being relaxed. Without relaxation, you can’t enjoy and with enjoying, new and different ideas will surely come, your creativity will flow better again and you will go more into the heart energy. You will also recover and will soon be so much more motivated for new projects.

My tip: You can start your feel-and-relax times with a little meditation.

Maybe you know, 5 minutes are enough and better than nothing. Or you can consciously use Hara breathing (always an excellent technique for a little relaxation in between). This exercise is simple – have the intention to breathe to a point about two finger widths below the navel and slightly inward from the body. Sit or stand relaxed and upright.

If you have participated in the first degree of Rainbow Reiki®, I would like to recommend the Kurama Mountain Meditation to you today. I wrote a blog article about this mediation technique in June. With the Kurama Mountain Meditation you can connect yourself with this sacred place, where Mikao Usui received his Reiki method, and thus awaken the divine in yourself (and others) and integrate it more into your everyday life. The light beings of this place are loving and powerful advisors and companions who help you bring the divine into the world in your own unique way to be happy and spread happiness.

I realize that many people still believe that happiness is fate or chance. Some even believe deep within themselves that they don’t deserve happiness… and that, I think, is especially sad.

Have you ever seriously asked yourself what happiness is for you?

In my opinion, it is important that you set out on your own to find out – hence the little exercise explained above. Your desire to deal with happiness is an important step towards no longer leaving this beautiful, important state to chance. Explore yourself. Find out where you are not in joy. Where you are not resting in relaxation. Why you can’t – more – enjoy.
Where are you more bound than you really want to be?
Where do you think you are in lack?
Take responsibility for your happiness and get to know yourself. So that you understand better and better how to lead yourself to happiness. To perceive yourself (self-awareness) creates the conditions to love and respect yourself more, and to care for your well-being more consciously. 
Only you decide – consciously or unconsciously – about your happiness, whether your life feels rich and fulfilled for you.

What is happiness from my point of view?

The search for happiness is a kind of hero’s journey to the true nature, the true needs. Understanding how to fulfill them and deciding to take care of yourself accordingly. It is a journey with adventures and trials that must be overcome in order to better understand one’s talents, potentials, and attributes – because we are not born as ready-made heroes. However, we can choose to release the “Inner Hero” so that it can get to work and set out on its journey.
The only working guide for this journey is the heart and the turning away from the ego, which is hostile to life, its fears, its hatred, its greed.
Only what delights, inspires, touches and makes the heart alive are the voices that may be taken seriously on the hero’s journey.
The mind is helpful to plan and implement the decisions in everyday life logically. So both go hand in hand, but the heart has the lead. The heart knows where the hero belongs. The mind is good and right for the “small” matters of life.
Developing a sense of this heart-voice is an important part of the hero’s journey. Because the voice of fear is loud and, guided by the ego, tries to stop this journey, respectively to keep life straight, goal- and past-oriented, to freeze it, so to speak. A phrase that the anti-life ego likes to say: “As long as I don’t really know if this will bring me something and especially what, I won’t go.” But the truly new can only be perceived when you live it. If you have never tasted vanilla, its taste cannot be described so that you understand it.
Detours and sideways that result from decisions of the heart, on the other hand, are important, because most of the time they are not detours at all, but shortcuts that follow the true nature. Think of the bad consequences of artificially straightened rivers … only the crooked river is a happy, living river….

Happiness is to go on the journey to your true nature and to experience it more and more.

It starts with your decision for your happy life and that you actively work on it.

Heartfelt Greetings
Walter Lübeck