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What actually happens to me in spiritual coaching?

Well, for now nothing medical!
My special services include finding the real causes of problems in life through aura-/chakra reading, rainbow channelling, clairvoyance, oracle work (chakra energy cards, runes, tarot, I Ging) and reading the Akashic Chronicle.

I harmonize these blockages with Rainbow Reiki®, methods of the Whitefeather Shamanic School®, angel work, mantras, spiritual NLP and Rainbow Quantum Healing. For “housework” I create spiritually healing chakra pictures and initiate into suitable mantras.

My spiritual coachings are very intensive and effective. I only give a few appointments per month. The spiritual coachings take place via Skype or Zoom, in German or English, cost 200,-EUR/ 60 minutes incl. VAT, other rates for business consultations.
Usually people come to me who have already tried “everything” else in vain. Often I can do a lot of good. There is always homework for my clients, so that they learn step by step to help themselves better and better.

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An example from my practice on the topic of “vocation” for spiritual coaching…

A client has felt uncomfortable with her profession for years. But she does not know what else she could do. That is the problem she comes to me with.

In the first session I do various aura-/chakra teachings on professional topics, channelling her guardian angel so that his important wisdom is taken into account in the consultation. Through a reading of the Akashic Chronicle, I find unresolved issues regarding the vocation from past lives (karma).
In the second session… followed a series of complex energetic clearings with Rainbow Reiki® methods to free your energy system from unnecessary ballast and obstructive blockages. In addition, I conduct shamanic astral journeys of the Whitefeather Shamanic School® for her to release creativity and dormant potentials.
In the third session… she gets in contact with a power animal, a special spirit guide. He will help her with words and deeds to find her vocation and to live successfully and happily.
With the help of my own developed methods of Spiritual NLP (DreamLines) my client gets good energies and stabilizing experiences from parallel lives to have a particularly positive start into her professional future. Thereby, hindering beliefs emerge.
These are harmonized by Rainbow Reiki® Wizard applications and replaced by constructive inner attitudes, which the client has chosen herself.

All this can be realized in 3 to 4 hours with good cooperation of the client.
It can do so much good to work with the “Celestial Helpers”.

Heartfelt greetings