Shamanic hypnosis in Coaching – The training explained

It is important for me to tell you how my new training “Shamanic Hypnosis Coaching” came about…
at the same time you can learn a lot about shamanic hypnosis in the text (below), even if you don’t want to participate in the training.

At the beginning there were the questions: “Which methods that I have gained from my research and developments on the topic of “Spiritual Healing and Personal Development” and have successfully applied in my coaching practice with thousands of people, have I not yet comprehensively taught in my trainings? And how can I effectively pass on this content to those who are willing to go beyond the limits of the usual coaching trainings. Who dare to really become the best version of their True Self?

The definitive answer is my new training – “Shamanic Hypnosis Coaching”

In this training, millennia-old shamanic trance and ritual techniques that I love so much are combined with modern, scientifically researched hypnosis and (in daily counseling practice) proven coaching methods, to create a new, amazingly effective concept. 
Shamanic. Hypnosis. Coaching.

Those who are actually serious about a spiritual counseling practice comes face to face again and again with a central question…. 
“Are spirituality and the challenges of daily life contradictions?” In other words, “Is a Spiritual Coaching practice the right choice when I need to crack tangible problems in my life?”
The answer is clear. And the “Shamanic Hypnosis Coaching” training provides it.

Nature – this is life as it really works. Beyond religions, ideologies and the constantly changing ideas of the prevailing cultures. And shamanism works strictly according to the proven guidelines of nature.  Nature is the “holy book” of the shamans. Together we explore its wisdom and study how to find nature-based answers to the difficulties of daily life. 
Spiritual philosophy of life, as it is taught and applied in this training, forms the comprehensive concept of natural basic values.

In order for the shamanic “tools” to be used to their best advantage in today’s world, the well-researched treasure of the methods of hypnosis is utilized. Hypnosis is the craft of directing attention to levels of the mind that are responsible for easy, quick learning, flexibility and problem-free reorientation. 

By the way – “hypnosis” is not equal to “relaxation”!

However, with the methods of hypnosis relaxation from light to deep can be brought about in many situations. And relaxation, stress reduction, are essential for the healthy enjoyment ability, easy learning with a lot of fun and a natural well-being. Without stress, many important functions of the body run so much better.
That’s why one of the main focuses of the training “Shamanic Hypnosis Coaching” is to “say goodbye to stress”! A goal that brings so many good effects, the more it is realized.

In coaching there is no generally binding self- and world view. However, many tools for increasing success and happiness in various areas of life have accumulated in coaching over the past decades. Particularly good tools for personality development are combined in the training “Shamanic Hypnosis Coaching” with the spiritual philosophy of life of shamanism, its rituals and the highly effective trance work.

There are healing contacts with light beings, beneficial energy transmissions, deep hypnotic trances that can facilitate reorientations so much, shamanic journeys, impressive spiritual experiences that can finally develop a life for the better.  
Most of the topics are taught in webinars that can be attended conveniently from home about once a month. The dates are fixed long term in advance and can be requested as a list in my office. And in a 5-day seminar at a beautiful place with ancient trees, drumming and dancing, sacred songs and powerful rituals are experienced “live”. 

Thus well prepared, the adventures of creatively redesigning habitual life structures that no longer fit can begin – and so much easier than initially feared.

Spiritual energy work and hypnosis are a dream team…

…for intensive success in coaching, because hypnotic trances can directly address the unconscious mind and thus be directly involved in the applications of spiritual energy work. This in turn makes spiritual energy work much more effective, because the blockades against meaningful changes, reorientations were systematically loosened before.

With shamanic journeys especially developed by me to the underworld, a blueprint of the material world, and the upper world, the realm of heavenly helpers, shamanic trances can be used for targeted change of small and large structures of life. 
The shamanic journeys in the handed down “old” versions are very elaborate. Sometimes even risky. It is completely different with the shamanic journeys I have developed, whose basic concepts I have carefully examined and use in a way that corresponds to today’s living conditions.
This is how shamanism works today!

And – if you already have experience with shamanic methods – be sure: This is THE training for you. Because, what I have developed, exists only with me. Because I have been researching for decades to make the good even better. 

Currently, this training is not held in English. If about 15 participants come together, then I will start an English training.
If you would like to be put on a list, please email: 

Best wishes, Walter 

P.S. In the following short articles I will explain some more about the three main pillars of my new training: Coaching – Shamanism – Hypnosis. So if you want to learn more, just read a bit further…


What is Shamanism?

Probably shamanism in its many varieties is the original form of human spiritual practice. Shamanism in its basic structures has nothing to do with certain cultures and their way of life, mythologies or rules. Shamanism must break and ignore human rules in order to release spiritual forces and work miracles. 

The basic creed of shamanic way of life and work can be described in the following words….

May heaven and earth
and all beings of this world
come together in my heart
in love and peace.

Shamanism does not belong to any particular culture.

The cornerstones of shamanic practice are…

Rituals – Symbolic actions that engage the subconscious, the body consciousness, in change work and are supported by light beings and spiritual force fields. 

Wisdom of Nature – The natural rules by which life functions at its best – for billions of years. They form the fundamental values of the shamans. Natural processes and rhythms are incorporated into shamanic rituals and other energy work, trances and vision work, giving them power and deep meaning. 
In modern times, shamans work in mostly urban environments, within the framework of Western culture. Since shamanic practice is largely independent of cultural conditions, the urban way of life does not matter.

Trance – hypnotic states in which psychological, spiritual and energetic changes, learning, crossing boundaries, changing values and beliefs is possible much easier, more sustainable and deeper than in everyday mental state. 

What is Coaching?

Coaching works with the different levels of the mind, the conscious and the unconscious, to redefine success, well-being, motivations, happiness in a new and holistic way. These areas are then integrated into daily life and optimized under different frameworks.

Important working methods are for example: NLP, solution-oriented conversation, hypnosis, non-violent communication, mental training.

Coaching releases the “brakes” that previously blocked a happy and successful life or only made it possible with far too much effort.

Coaching has been defined differently by different professionals over the years. This is my definition, which has emerged from my experience and research.

There are directions in coaching that focus on health, couple relationship, profession, group dynamics or in the professional area. 

What is Hypnosis?

Although it is easy to get the impression in the literature that hypnosis is directly related to states of relaxation, this is false. What is true is that relaxation often occurs in hypnotic states (trances).

Hypnosis is the focusing of the conscious and unconscious mind on a particular subject, a particular source of information. Through intense engagement, change, learning, becomes easier on all mental levels.

Hypnosis can be favored by uniform stimuli (boredom) for a person emotionally particularly important internal or external impressions, by pattern interruption and overload. 

Every person is capable of going into hypnosis. 

Often there are certain assumptions about how hypnosis should feel, should show, which are unrealistic. In practice, this means a person can be in hypnosis without noticing it because they believe they should feel “different” under hypnosis. Whether a person notices hypnosis or not does not change the fact that it works.

Fears of being at the mercy of hypnosis, of being willfully subjected to another person, are unreal. If it were that easy to force people to behave in certain ways, the world would be completely different than it is. In fact, people under hypnosis do only what they would do outside the application of hypnosis. People can also wake up very quickly from a hypnotic trance on their own if they receive suggestions that seem unacceptable to them.