Seminars – Webinars… my thoughts about it







In such circumstances, I would like to share with you my thoughts about seminars and webinars during the time of the coronavirus crisis.
Since a few months I only give webinars and this will remain so for the time being.

Why do I not give seminars?

The Covid-19 disease is widespread and there are several government regulations in germany for holding meetings due to the danger of infection. Seminars are also meetings in this sense.

Risk 1 – Infection: The Covid-19 disease is very serious. It can be fatal at any age, not only in so-called “risk groups”. When people are travelling, on trains, in restaurants, in seminar groups, at train stations, hotels, etc., the risk of infection increases dramatically.
Now there are people who claim that there is no Covid-19 disease. Or if there was, it would not be worse than a mild flu. This idea is factually incorrect and endangers health and possibly the lives of people.
The truth is, Covid-19 disease CAN be very serious or mild, and everything in between. But nobody knows what it will be like for him. Or relatives he may infect.

How do I know that?

Apart from the intensive research I always do on such topics, I know many people who have fallen ill themselves, and who have suffered and still suffer a bad course with very bad late damages, after months(!). Some of them belong to our circle.
Then I personally know nurses and physicians who take care of the sick on site. And their reports are terrifying.
That is why I take the Covid-19 infection very seriously.

Risk 2 – If the governmental requirements are not met – whether you think they are right or not – no one in court is interested – the result will be very high penalties for the organizers. We are talking about many thousands of Euros. Among the requirements are the constant wearing of masks in the seminar, constant keeping of the minimum distance of 1,50 m. In addition the constant disinfection of surfaces in meeting areas, door handles. And the disinfection of the bathroom after each use. There are also requirements in the restaurant.
Correspondingly, partner exercises can only be carried out by remote treatment, as in the webinar, with mask. Because of the minimum distance.

If the requirements are not adhered to, or in case of doubt their adherence cannot be documented in a comprehensible way, the organizer is threatened with high penalties. If someone falls ill, it will be checked where he was and what happened there with regard to the hygiene requirements. If someone reports you to the authorities, even anonymously, you have to account for your actions.

Risk 3 – The seminar leaders themselves are exposed to an increased risk of infection due to the contact with many people in closed rooms. And they are, besides the course of the seminar, responsible for the observance of the hygiene regulations, and are thus additionally mentally and physically busy.

An alternative: The webinar platform Zoom, which I use, offers high comfort, separate practice rooms for partner exercises, a whiteboard, recording of the webinar. Everyone sees and hears each other. And are safe. And save travel expenses, additional vacation.

That’s why I will give webinars until the situation regarding Covid-19 disease has changed in a factual and lasting way.
My health, the health of the participants and mine, and the high quality of the lessons are very important to me.
Both can currently not be afforded in the form of seminars in the usual high standards.

Greetings from my heart,