Rock Crystal – The Rainbow Reiki® Angel-Light Video and its spiritual powers…

The rock crystal, say the shamans, is frozen starlight. Its purity and clarity help to be pure and clear yourself – in the divine truth. 
The vibration of personal energy increases more easily in contact with the celestial energy of rock crystal. And so it is easier to meet the divine in oneself and around oneself, to enjoy it. 
In difficult times, emotional and mental clarity and a strong sense of what is true, what is real, is especially important. 
In this way, better decisions can be made and more powerfully implemented. Misunderstandings can be avoided and what makes happy and joyful is experienced more directly.
An increase of the individual frequency facilitates spiritual healings, meditations and medial perceptions of all kinds. And those who vibrate high are not so easily reached and burdened by lower frequencies!

The Rainbow Reiki® Angel-Light Video Rock Crystal is a further perfected form of the Goddess Radionics I have been developing and producing myself for over 20 years.
With this special form of spiritual technology, the beneficial influences of the light worlds can be easily brought to us, into the material world.
But in contrast to the spiritually healing images of the previous Goddess Radionics, the Rainbow Reiki® Angel-Light Videos give us complete processes of divine support. Repeated playing of the video increases the effects. It is not necessary to keep your attention on the video.
When it is played in a room, it fills with the special celestial force fields. And they flow to every being that welcomes them.

To spread the light fields of a video across multiple rooms, here’s a trick….

Place as many at least cherry-sized rock crystals in front of the monitor running the Rainbow Reiki Angel-Light video as there are rooms to fill with the light force. Plus one for the room where the monitor is.
Leave the rock crystals there while the video to be transmitted plays in its entirety. 
One rock crystal remains in front of the monitor, one of the other crystals is placed in a well visible place in one of the other rooms.
Now the light power of this Rainbow Reiki® Angel-Light video – whenever it is played – is astral-energetically transmitted to the other rooms.

This process can be repeated with other Rainbow Reiki® Angel-Light videos to transfer their spiritual vibrations to other rooms as well. 

If you would like to experience the Rainbow Reiki® Angel-Light Video and its beneficial effects for yourself, you can find it here…