Right now – Peace, Freedom, Understanding.

In this difficult times it is very important to me to use all my strength for peace on this planet. Just now it is more necessary than ever …

It has been clearly foreseeable for a long time, and I had mentioned it again and again in many webinars and lectures for years, that with the Corona crisis we are only experiencing the beginning of a major upheaval worldwide. Now there is a terrible war in Ukraine. We will feel the effects more and more here as well. And still the time of the greatest challenges has not come. The future is still being shaped.

The spiritual learning tasks that have been postponed for so long, too long, are waiting and pushing into the collective consciousness. 

This time of great upheavals is not the only thing that moves us. And it is by no means the start of what we have been experiencing for the last two years, but only another event on the way to further, greater challenges …
There are the great tragic refugee flows for a long time. Many wars, waged because of power and raw material interests, a policy that many people understand less and less and no longer want. A financial system that more and more reaches its limits. A society in which hatred and division have been increasing for a long time. The “against-nature-life” and much more…

There is so much that urgently needs a change in the sense of the Divine Order.

The crisis is always also a chance … that cannot be repeated often enough. This crisis is our chance to create a better, fairer, healthier world order for all. From a spiritual point of view, starting the transformation with oneself is the only really meaningful way. Even if there are of course many important things to do on the outside.

You can redeem within yourself what is in resonance with the external crises.

You can open yourself for good opportunities in a crisis, for an even better intuition, for finding your soul family wherever it is, for discovering your inner peace …
If enough people would and could do this, we would not need wars anymore to bring about social transformations, I think.
Change doesn’t happen overnight, of course. You and everyone else will be given enough time. But if you don’t start the change today, it can’t be accomplished the day after tomorrow.
You are also challenged if something is to change in your environment and if you finally want permanent peace. Finally be free for a valuable togetherness! …
Seen in this way, this time of crisis is an immense accelerator of development – it can be, if we do our spiritual “homework”.

Peace-Clearings and Meditation

At the end of February, I had many awake nights, as I constantly received downloads with the request of my guardian angel and spirit guides to prepare clearings to support the situation to the best of my ability with the help of the angels. 
This resulted in three webinars in early March on the current situation with many clearings and a guided peace clearing meditation.
Subsequently, international meditation circles were formed, which meet online several times a week (or simply at an arranged time each at home) to develop themselves by means of the guided meditation “Spiritual Clearing for Peace” and to set a strong energy impulse for the environment. 

The power of meditation is actually measurable and has an impact on events.

This should not be underestimated, especially when several join together.
A phrase from the Bible comes to mind. Although many who know me know how I feel about our Christian religion and its crimes against humanity. However, some of the wisdom in this book is quite true and valuable.
Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.
“In my name” in the true sense is nothing other than in the name of heart, creativeness and peace. 
The more who join together and meditate for peace, for freedom – in the constructive sense, not in the destructive sense – for awareness and understanding, the larger the circle of impact at the moment of meditation. On a real level, that can mean many miles of reach. 

What happens in the near future depends on the free! Decision of all humans. What do you decide NOW?

Peace in you is the starting point for peace in the society.

Next important question… Do you want „freedom from” or „freedom for”? 
It is important to understand the difference.
„Freedom from” means revolution, which means war, unrest and struggle again. Remember what you read about the French Revolution? How many people died? And when the time came when “the revolution ate its children” … many again!
Whereas “freedom for” means a constructive development for something meaningful. “Towards something” means development not destruction. Here the old is said goodbye in peace and is not trampled. Also “the old” had its time and its sense. With forgiveness you can better let go of it, let the old be in peace and move on.

Peace is a natural state, if all living beings keep to the natural order.

Or have you ever seen 500 lions fighting 500 others? No. But a predator is vital to the natural order and thus belongs to it. That is, the tearing of a prey animal is necessary for the natural order, and the time for the prey animal has come at that moment to maintain the natural order. 
Even if temporary imbalances occur due to, for example, an increased food supply, then the population of an animal or plant species may grow disproportionately. But it will decimate again in the same natural way.

Let us act together, you for yourself and therefore for all, and if you like with the Rainbow Reiki® Family.

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Heartfelt greetings
Your Walter
P.S. A current hint…
The next current peace clearing opportunities (webinar “Karmic connections to the current situation in Europe”) for you are on 
April 10, 20:00 – 22:00 (German | English)