Reincarnation and Karma – the miracle of truly reliving every day

… even though the eternally human themes are eternally repeated.

Do you know the movie “Groundhog Day”? It’s older – but I can’t think of anything new. Please forgive my age-related cineastic orientation … I vow improvement and maybe Hollywood will make a remake soon…
Did you ever have a life situation in which you had the feeling to have experienced/to have lived that already in “thousand lives”? Have you ever had such “déjà vu’s”?
Well, for this we always have several possibilities of explanation – the scientific, the spiritual, the psychological and the social and so on. Each direction of explanation can only be as good as the current state of research and development. This should always be kept in mind. Nothing is fixed in the universe. Everything is constantly in motion, interdependent or not. Becoming and passing away and becoming again … “Fascinating”, Mr. Spock would say now – what do you think?

So a déjà vu experience can be a memory of one of your past lives, of an existence in the parallel universe. There is the theory of the dual soul, whose memory just overlaps with yours or it has brain-physiological reasons – “Must these be mutually exclusive?”, I ask myself just now. In my opinion, these are all parts of the ONE. Which means something like: Everything explains a part of the truth, respectively from all parts the whole results. And what works just now, is the “momentarily functioning truth…”.

I would like to go into the area of “past lives and karma” in more detail today, because I have a lot of experience about this from my own past lives, my research in this regard and the extensive knowledge that is available to me as a result.

At the beginning a short explanation of the idea “reincarnation

… better said my conception of it (there are many, very different opinions about it). The idea of reincarnation assumes that we as individuals are born again and again into an infinitely continuing material world. We have always existed as beings and will always exist. That which we really are is therefore immortal.
Through a new incarnation (re-embodiment) we get a new body, partly with themes from previous lives within an incarnation cycle. Within a cycle that spans several lifetimes, a soul deals with similar themes and strives to experience them lovingly and creatively and to gain wisdom from them. The aspired spiritual realization, however, can only happen without the dominance of the ego rebelling against the guidance of the soul, constantly engaged in conflict, stress, fear, greed and drama.
In daily life, important framework conditions can be provided for this process. A lot of relaxation, a lot of sleep, rest and meditation – as a way to connect with the divine – are necessary to step out of ego dominance. Parallel to this, other well-considered strategies and measures are needed to bring you closer to your divine nature, in order to be able to gradually heal, transform karma in the sense of unnecessary entanglements and blockages.

So at the beginning of life we do not start from “zero”. But we mostly can’t remember the past lives. This is, from my point of view, first of all a great grace.

Imagine you would remember all deaths, bad times and all high phases? All your past experiences would mix with the present situation in the now. Can a first kiss then still be enjoyed in its stunningly incomparable wonderful way? Probably not – or only by a spiritually realized person. This is exactly what the “daily groundhog experience” would be, the hamster wheel of all your lives, if you were to remember without being spiritually realized.

A spiritually realized person who can remember past lives is able to recognize and engage each moment as new, even if it is known in its fundamental quality. Accepting each experience as new and unique with gratitude.The no-more-judgment is a basic prerequisite for this, which requires a high degree of personal development.

To create these conditions, to support your spiritual growth, there is, among other things, exactly this blog, my newsletter and Rainbow Reiki® in general … 
With all my work I am available to you and many other seekers, so that you come back to the enjoyment of life, the joy of life, the truth of your soul and can appreciate every moment mindfully, experience with all senses and its message.

Come into your fullness – and experience every day anew, fascinating. Begin to wonder again, delightedly, about everything you encounter.

The famous movie quote from Spock mentioned above, “Fascinating” is a wonderfully fitting saying for “wonder, acknowledge and accept”, I think – but maybe “Star Wars” is more your thing. And Master Yoda surely has a similar cool saying ready .

So from my point of view the re-embodiment of the soul is a gift.

Not a punishment or even a failure, a fundamental separation from the divine. That is like with the half full or half empty glass – it is a question of the valuation, the understanding and view. You are highly responsible for how you choose your next steps. What you do and how you evaluate, use, enjoy, understand – or disinterestedly overlook – your life, the he-consequence and situations.

But what is karma?

This term describes the law of cause and effect. Nothing more. In it there is first of all no problem or burden or even an “eternal” guilt. That is, what we have caused, consciously or unconsciously, always achieves an effect. If other aspects are added, such as beliefs, compulsive habits or prejudices, a karmic issue can stubbornly occupy and burden us for a long time. But this does not mean that you are “to blame” for it! It is very important to me that you learn to heal the punishment and steering instrument “guilt/sin” which has been perfected in the most perfidious way by churches and other power-holders and that you do not confuse these topics with self-responsibility. Or possibly see your karma as a kind of guilt. Karma is a consequence. Not more and not less. And …
Finally I have a very good message for you:

You can change karma/your destiny, BECAUSE you – as a divine being – have the self-responsibility. This is your spiritual power of healing your karma!

And so it is possible to experience every day anew. By the way the sleep is also a kind of small death experience. That means, you are – symbolically – born anew every day. Every day you may feel anew, live and let yourself be moved and touched by the events.
Just think about how you wake up in the morning. Is there the feeling of inner tiredness, of burden, of resistance? Or are you curious about what great thing will happen today?
Maybe in the near future you will pay attention to the feeling, the mood, the attitude with which you start your days. If the day is already casting its shadows, then look at what exactly is burdening you, approach the issue in a spiritual way – and dissolve the shadows by shining your Divine Light.

I am happy to help you – as well as all the wonderful people who have licensed, i.e. highly qualified, Rainbow Reiki® offerings ready for you in your area (or as a webinar).
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