Rainbow Reiki® Angel Videos – free of charge on YouTube

Why are angel videos now available for free on YouTube?

In recent years the development on planet Earth is accelerating more and more and the challenges are getting bigger and more complicated. Over many decades I have built up international schools of spiritual healing and developed spiritual technologies – Goddess Radionik® – to support people, animals and plants in the great upcoming transformation.
And now it is necessary to go a big step further, that’s why there are freely available for everyone videos with the spiritual power of divine miracle healing, which people can use anytime and anywhere to better tune into the divine order and energy patterns of the new time regarding certain important issues.
In this respect, this program is an important support for anyone who wants to bring about more quality of life and security for themselves, family and friends in these difficult times.

All the videos are structured to complement each other. Together they form a vast mandala of spiritual power of miracle healing. I will list and explain the individual videos that combine particularly well for specific purposes (spiritual mandalas) in further blog articles so that their effects can be better understood.

If you like the videos, use them often and thus give yourself and the world the gift of spiritual miracle healing. And it would be good to tell other people who are open to lightwork about what you are experiencing.

In the coming months, many more videos on different topics will be created and published by me.

If you want to support this project you can invite me for a coffee. Click on this link: Kofi.
I am looking forward to it!

What happens when you watch the trilogies and how do you go about it?

First of all… these are the first videos… there are probably more angel video trilogies on YouTube by the time you read this. Feel free to check out my YouTube channel.

The videos are mostly produced as trilogies, because in this way a particularly deep and lasting harmonizing effect results. To determine the order you will find in the title of a video the numbers 1, 2 or 3. Nevertheless, let yourself be guided by your heart and accept its advice if you perhaps need for you, in your particular situation, a completely different order.
All three videos are a mandala of complementary forces of spiritual miracle healing. Ultimately, the videos work to activate the power of spiritual miracle healing within you, and you yourself become more and more capable of releasing the divine forces that transform you and the world. This happens in as natural a way as using your hands or feet. So don’t worry about achievements you have to do – this achievement doesn’t exist.
Just allow what happens.

In these very special spiritual videos, the principle of my Godess Radionics®, which has proven itself for over 20 years, is taken a big step further. Instead of a “still picture” there is now elaborate lightwork with Reiki and the healing powers of angels for you in video form.

And it is very easy to claim the spiritual miracle healing for yourself.

Please remember: My videos can in no way replace medical diagnoses and therapies. Anyone who is sick or suspects to be sick should definitely see a doctor. Likewise, we (author, distributor) assume no liability for certain results or the absence of certain results. Do not use this video while driving or doing other things that require your full attention.
However, you do not need to watch the video all the time to experience its full spiritual healing power. It is sufficient if the video is played on a device located in the room where you are. At the beginning of a video you can do something to amplify its positive power for you… By connecting with the divine influences, looking at the video and saying or thinking: “I ask for the divine power of healing.” Of course, the video has a positive effect even without this little ritual. But with the ritual it can be greatly increased.

In this program “Rainbow Reiki® Angel Videos by and with Walter Lübeck” there are also videos (coming soon) that, even if they are played only in one room, cover the whole apartment with their spiritual power. If this is so, you will find a corresponding hint at the beginning of the text.

If you want to share the gift of this video with another person who is also in the room, just ask him/her to do what you are doing. In the event that someone wants to stay in the room but not receive healing – for whatever reason – he/she need only briefly look at the video and say or think, “I don’t want healing right now.
If you want to include pets in the healing, please point with one hand to the video with the other hand to the pet or imagine it and say or think, “May healing happen for this being according to its will.
The more often the video is played, the more comprehensively and profoundly your unconscious changes to the divine order through the power of divine faith. The divine faith is understood here as the ability of the creative power to create new realities bypassing the laws of nature, i.e. by miracles, and to develop them further for the highest best of the whole.

In exceptional cases there is an audio track. This is then indicated at the beginning of the text.

The presence of the Divine through this video cannot become “too much”. Just as there is no such thing as too much of nature.

May the love and light of the Divine always be with you!

Heartfelt greetings

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