Rainbow Reiki® Angel-Light Videos – Tip & Booster

A tip for all Angel-Light-Videos to distribute the Angel-Energy into all rooms of your apartment…

Step 1:
Put as many (at least cherry-sized) rock crystals in front of the monitor on which the Rainbow Reiki Angel-Light Video is running, as there are rooms to fill with the light force. Plus one for the room where the monitor is. 

Step 2:
Leave the rock crystals there while the video to be transmitted plays in its entirety.  
One rock crystal remains in front of the monitor, one of each of the remaining crystals is placed in a clearly visible place in one of the other rooms. 
Now the light power of this Rainbow Reiki® Angel Light video – whenever it is played – will be astral-energetically transmitted to the other rooms. 

This process can be repeated with other Rainbow Reiki® Angel Light Videos to transfer their spiritual vibrations to other rooms as well.  
The process is always the same and you can use the same rock crystals.


From the end of October, there will be three boosters from the series of Rainbow Reiki® Angel Light videos on my YouTube channel….

Sleep Booster XXL…
Find natural sleep… rest… peace… relaxation… letting go.
The entire video has a duration of 8 hours.

Effect: You will find a better connection to your spirit guides, soul, high self and inner child while you sleep. The energy system – chakras – is more easily brought into rest mode and you have clearer dreams when there are important spiritual messages. Also, after awakening, you can align yourself more constructively with the projects of the day.  
Reiki Booster…
The video is one hour long, which is about the length of an in-depth Reiki application.
Run the video in parallel with all Reiki applications (the video is without sound) with this effect:
Through spiritual light fields, Reiki user and Reiki receiver are better brought into resonance with each other. This allows Reiki to flow better. The intuition of the user is supported. The recipient’s insight into important truths for a better life is strengthened.  

Meditation Booster…
The video has a length of one hour. 

Effect: It supports any kind of meditation (the video is without sound) and resonance with the creative power, a clear mind and inner peace are supported.