Oracle – Finally, stop pondering and change your life with actions.

Of course, it’s not so easy to stop thinking and just take the next step. Taking the risk to change your reality. To give up the control to the higher levels.

Constantly thinking about a topic and to considering the pros and cons again and again, that is not only a problem of Germans.
Very, very many people do that – and you know what: it doesn’t help if you are always thinking about something you might want to do and its consequences!

Because the basic idea is that our rational mind, our consciousness, understands reality. … ?

And if we just think long enough, we will find a really good solution. Let’s be honest – how often has this really worked out really well in your life?
The mind can actually grasp only a tiny fraction of what is happening. The so-called intelligence of the body can understand billions of times more of the world. And yes, I mean that literally.

Of course, science discovered this a few years ago – they discover constantly … But this fact has been well known since humans have existed. That’s why wise people use oracles until today.

What are oracles?

You may know the tarot cards. The runes, the I Ching and my Chakra Energy Cards. The latter have been in use since the beginning of the nineties. In Germany alone they have been sold over 50,000 times and translated into over a dozen languages.
I work with them myself on a daily basis. The Chakra Energy Cards consist of 126 cards. Each is provided with affirmations, associations with crystals, scents and flower essences as well as a number and a spiritual seal of the goddess – for spiritual energy transfers. In the extensive accompanying book, the work with the cards is explained in detail.
By asking a specific question about an issue in your life that is important to you at the moment and then drawing a card as the answer, you will receive good advice “from above”.
Of course, it is important to read the assignments and relate the answer to the specific issue. However, it’s not that hard. There is a good guide in the book.
And then it’s a matter of concrete action.

Now does that mean the mind should not be used when there is something to decide? Well, the mind is good for many things. First and foremost for the small things in life. For example: calculating, measuring, counting, weighing. Paying bills, going shopping, and putting dishes in the dishwasher.

But when it comes to the bigger things in life, you need the intelligence of your heart, the wisdom of your body, the deep insights from spiritual levels.

Only there will you know what is important and really suitable for you in the long term. Where your path to happiness leads. The mind only knows what it has already experienced. The really new is not accessible to it. It does not have the “wire to the top”, like the intelligence of your heart.

And, to consult your heart, that’s what oracles are for.

An important tip for the successful use of oracles is to ask the question well. It must be specific. Not general. And then interpret the answer in a meditative mood.
How do you get into such a mood? Sit upright and breathe into your lower abdomen for a few minutes. Meditate.
Allow your mind to have associations with the oracle’s statements. Write down what comes to your mind. Then act. And as I said, the mind takes care of the small stuff. And the heart takes care of the big structures of your life.

Even if some people in your environment will say that you are doing it totally wrong.

Think about it: what do they know about your life? About your happiness? About what is good for you? And of what is bad for you?
For me, a life with oracles, with the wisdom of the heart, is a good life. Why don’t you try it? Maybe you’ll get out your cards again. And give the really new future a chance? Besides oracles, the development of your extrasensory perception can also help you well.

I wish you much fun and success,

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