How to Start and Improve your Reiki Business from Walter Lübeck on Vimeo.

Online Webinar: Walter Lübeck founded his business Rainbow Reiki® 30 years ago. Now he is a best-selling author, has students around the world and owns a successful business with headquarter in Hameln, Germany.

By watching this video, you'll learn of his greatest mistakes and learn about the key aspects of having a successful Reiki business.

How to Use Reiki Successfully for Healing Animals from Walter Lübeck on Vimeo.

During this webinar Walter Lübeck talks about the best way to heal animals with Reiki. In two hours Walter gives you a toolkit with best practices and new Reiki techniques to provide healing for people's best friends.

Walter Lübeck is best-selling author, spiritual teacher and grandmaster of Rainbow Reiki®.