Make something out of it! Use and develop your personal power…

…in the spirit of love, in cooperation with the divine order.

What would it be like if you would hold your power in your own hands again and would no longer have to surrender to the political, economic, social, family power structures, which ultimately serve the dominance of the ego?

Imagine becoming – now – the co-creator of the divine plan. Imagine that you are shaping the future of our world hand in hand with the angels. 

What would it mean for you to be able to use your power whenever you need it to bring the divine light into the future?

When it comes to power, fear is not far away. Because power has often been abused. But – power makes things possible. And the light beings need us now to help shape the future situation. It is not about power as an end in itself, but about using power with wisdom and love, inspired by the creative power.

This blog article is about taking back the power over your life and your affairs and using this creative power – because that is what power ultimately is – in a spiritual sense. So that your life becomes a prayer and gives everyone, including you, the best results from a spiritual point of view. 

Of course, power has often been abused and used to harm. This always happens when power is used motivated by fear and greed. But the use of power can also be motivated by meaning, joy and love. Just look at nature. That’s how it works. That’s why nature works fine – at least as long as people leave it alone.

Who does not want power, chooses powerlessness. 

Thus he offers his life to be shaped by others. That is not good, I think. Every person has the right to decide about his own life. Because every human being has the gift of free will. 

In prayer and meditation, in contact with light beings, feelings and mind become clear, inspired. Then intuition works better. And better decisions are made taking into account personal life experience, goodness and wisdom. 

Whoever wants to use power in the spiritual sense for the highest best of the whole, cannot avoid the coordination with the divine. And this is not about telling others what to do and what not to do. As always in the natural order, cooperation, long-term meaning, and mutually beneficial results are sought.

In order not to abuse power, but to use it in the spirit of creativity, self-love is important in addition to regular resonance with the Divine. Those who love themselves honor the creative power for your creation of the wonderful individual being.

Understanding why, the Divine wants you the way you are – that is the key to following your spiritual path.

To do what the Divine wants you to do in this world … to use power for the highest good of the whole, full of humility and devotion to the Divine order. 

In every moment of your life you can give away your power – or use it to change your world. The more you take responsibility for your life and its shaping, the more you will be confronted with your fears against it. Because you have been shaped by a society that does not know or hardly knows this kind of life, self-responsible and loving with the creative power to shape the future. 

Whenever you relinquish personal responsibility for your life, blaming others, you are denying your power to create meaningfully. “The others” are simply an excuse not to live in personal responsibility. 

You surely know the this inner laziness named couch potato or inner weak self, don’t you? This inner, quite loud voice is often given a lot of power. In Germany we have an own word for this paralyzing and eternally denying inner level: innerer Schweinehund. The direct translation would maybe: inner piggy dog. So let’s take this word for it, because it is much stronger than couch potato

There are three ways to confront the inner piggy dog….

  1. You give in to it. A simple and effective way to stand still, not to change anything. Everything remains as it is.
  2. You torment yourself, against this inner vehement voice, in an activity or in a certain situation, with an inner “it have to”. This takes a lot of energy and is partly not really successful and satisfying, because you still let the inner piggy dog have the power. Because you behave as if you had a concrete opponent and not just a “wrong circuit” in your mind.
  3. You recognize why the inner piggy dog now blocks. Is there a fear behind it or actually a “no” to an activity or a situation? Then you take care of the actual background, which can satisfy your needs much better, because you now ask your heart “What do YOU actually want?” With this you take the power away from the inner piggy dog and take yours. The constructive power.

Who decides for the powerlessness, is not in the personal responsibility and does not want to form the own life way. Result: Standstill!

The decision NOW to bring your personal power back into your life, because you now understand how important it is for you – and the world – will show good effects in the following time. Invite light beings and the creative power to you. Regularly. 

Design your life as your heart tells you. To do this – cleanse yourself from fear and take away its power to make decisions. That fear shows up, does not mean you have to obey it !

Connect with your heart as often as you can (feel free to use my gifts to you on my YouTube channel) and get back your divinely inspired power to correct in your life what is no longer right and important from a spiritual point of view. 

You always have a choice, even if sometimes it doesn’t seem like it.

If you are at an impasse, stop looking at the wall (all of which is not possible). Turn around and explore what possibilities you have overlooked or dismissed so far. 

One last word on “manipulation”….

Power is often equated with manipulation. This is only partly correct. If we take a look at the word’s origin from Latin, it means “having something in hand” or “handling”. In physical therapy, for example, “manipulation” is seen as something corrective and healing. The physical therapist influences the patient’s body through certain hand movements in order to bring about a positive result. 

I just want to make clear that it is a question of perspective, own attitude, handling and own experience.

In countless everyday situations you/ I take influence on something so that it changes, gets going or is terminated. This is a perfectly normal influence, or in other words, a perfectly normal manipulation, which arises from the creator power of every human being. There is nothing negative about it.
Our togetherness is shaped to a great extent by this way of dealing with each other. 

Of course, the abuse of power exists in all classes, countries and in all religions (unfortunately). If the life-hostile ego is at work, then abuse of power is not far away. 

There is the abuse of power that you do to yourself, 

the one you experience from others, 

the one you do to others yourself.

When you rest in your heart and your intuition is awake, abuse of power – the use of power motivated by the anti-life ego – is diminished.
Please never forget that you have an ego and that is a good thing. It is like a janitor – it takes care of the small matters. And the ego will move towards hostility to life if contact with soul, guardian angels, spirit guides – and thus the Divine, is blocked. The question I had already explained in some blog articles is, how much power do you give to the (hostile to life) ego? So how much influence does your ego have on your life and the lives of your loved ones? How much power do you give to your counterpart, the others? You can decide to whom you give power. 

Connect with your heart, more and more often, then wonderful things arise from your self-empowerment. The more the contact to your heart becomes a habit, the more blessed, inspired the way you use power becomes. 

Heartfelt greetings
Walter Lübeck