Living fulfillment in everyday life – and how it works…

You find fulfillment, real happiness and peace only “here” and “now”, without thinking. Fulfillment – that is a condition – not a series of thoughts.
Fulfillment is perfect! Because your mind is just on vacation for the moment of fulfillment. Learning not to think has a lot to do with dissolving the fear of losing control.

Fulfillment – can be very simple…

You know the moment of fulfillment. Very often you have been “absorbed in a job”, “lost in a kiss”, “carried away in a daydream”. The commonality of these experiences is not to think about thinking. Not producing thoughts based on feelings. Not feeling emotions about other feelings – so for example: Anger because you are anxious.

As long as you allow yourself to BE in your mind – you are in a state of fulfillment.

And “Yes!”, that is not always possible. And also “Yes!”, without fulfillment life is simply not worthwhile, there is no enjoyment.
Fulfillment and being – control and reflection, evaluation. These are also yin and yang, complementary ways of living.

Meditation, playing, giving Reiki and forgetting the world, enjoying sensuality, listening to music – these are examples of states of fulfillment. And there are far too few of these in the lives of most people today. Letting go, not judging, giving up control – just “BEING” for some time – is so restorative. It is worth living for.

Your heart is the “center of fulfillment

That’s why forgiveness, gratitude, kindness are so important to regenerate. To arrive at yourself, and your own spirituality.
Finding fulfillment, once you have been able to experience it consciously, is easy. Because your heart shows you the fulfillment through silent joy, deep well-being and the certainty of coherence.
Some of my videos on YouTube can help you – they have been created by me for you precisely to support the process of fulfillment (see also my notes at the end of the blog article). And on my website there is a free training for you – activating your heart field, the spiritual vibration of happiness.
Valaya Saran© – Awakening Your Heart Field.
If you know it – so you are already initiated – there will be another intensive training at the beginning of November, which will give you a comprehensive deepening of the lightwork with Valaya Sarán© through additional initiations and exercises. For example, after the webinar you will be able to create a personal lucky talisman for yourself and your heart family. 
These advanced trainings are offered at regular intervals. If the date has passed, feel free to check here when another one is scheduled soon.

Feel into your heart and you will find your truth – beyond fear and greed.

So it is not always the “good” feeling that indicates a fulfilled life, but it feels “right”. And you are never alone! The light beings are with you! And they help you, if you are accessible in your heart, for the divine.

Heartfelt greetings
Your Walter Lübeck

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