How you find freedom…

You will not find freedom in rebellion.

You don’t find it by going against something or someone.

You don’t find it by resisting something, by accusing someone.

Freedom is waiting for you if you are ready to perceive, acknowledge, live your own truth.

Your freedom consists in

To be yourself – not your fears, your worries, your anger, your shame …

Your freedom is based on the love for yourself – not on the fear of others, of the world.

In order to find the courage to accept your freedom, and thus your truth, I recommend the practice of meditation.

It has been tried and tested for thousands of years for this purpose. All spiritual traditions of the world use you in one way or another and appreciate it very much.

For example, if you allow yourself 5 minutes of Reiki Gasho meditation every morning and evening, you will have more and more opportunity to perceive your truth.
What you then do with this new awareness is up to you!

If you want to be free, then live yourself.

Not everyone in your environment will like or even understand this.
But you do not hurt anyone by being who you are.

At best you only hurt other people’s oblique views of the world, which are essentially based on fear, of yourself, the world, the divine, healthy and natural vitality.

You betray yourself and others when you try to be someone else.

Sooner or later this ends in pain, sadness, loneliness and despair.

If you want to be free, then love YOU.

Because you are a child of the creative power – who else should have brought you into this beautiful world?

Love is a natural state.

You do not need to learn! You only need the courage to admit it instead of fleeing into the hard, cruel arms of fear, which is surely familiar to you. But it is not your friend.

If you read these lines and think about them, you may become anxious, insecure. That you would rather think about something else. And that’s okay!

But maybe you print out the text, put it in a special place, and look at it again in four weeks.

And maybe you will be brave enough to start meditating…
to find your truth…
To take your freedom…
…to embrace your God-given self with love…
To BE alive…

It may not be easy in our time, our culture, which glorifies the ego, and yet offers so many possibilities – but what exactly is the alternative?


Walter Lübeck