How Reiki becomes a spiritual path

In my book “Reiki – Way of the heart” I wrote in detail about the spiritual path with Reiki about 30 years ago. The book has now been translated into more than a dozen languages.

A few days ago it literally fell out of my bookshelf (you wouldn’t believe it, but something as wonderful as a bookshelf still exists in my house. Actually, several… 😉 ). I picked it up, read a bit. Then I thought, this is a topic I should cover a bit more in a blog article, because….

… A spiritual path is, in my opinion, the most important thing that man needs in his life.

It is about perceiving the divine in and around you better and better and shaping your life accordingly. To integrate the divine in being human and to live it.
 Mikao Usui, the founder of the Reiki method, has made with his Five Rules of Life precise guidelines on what a person who wants to use Reiki as a spiritual path, must pay attention to…

Just today do not get angry.

Just today do not worry.

Today of all days, work devotedly.

Today of all days be grateful.

Just today deal lovingly with the beings.
(This includes yourself!)

These rules of life were so important to him that he had inscribed them on his memorial stone next to his grave. Along with the advice to recite these rules every morning and every evening and then meditate. He considered these precepts to be the “cure for all ills.”
 After more than 30 years of dealing with Reiki, the training of thousands of students and the training and long-term support of hundreds of master students, I have found the following program for a spiritual path with Reiki to be very effective. Maybe it will be a good support for your personal spiritual path as well.

1. Sit in meditation posture in the morning and in the evening and recite the rules of life. Either in the old Japanese language or in German. Then breathe into your hara, the point of balance, slightly below the navel.
 Hold your attention where the berries of your middle fingers touch.
 Then you will experience your mind slowly coming to rest and resonate with the Divine. These meditations do not have to be long. 2 × 5 minutes is quite enough if you really allow yourself this wonderful experience every day.

2. It is best to give yourself a full Reiki treatment every day, at least three times a week. This is how you do something to raise and keep up your bioenergetic vibration. This helps a lot to be in the heart, to forgive more easily, to understand from the heart, to be kind and compassionate and to enjoy a clear consciousness. This is especially easy and effective to do with Rainbow Reiki®. The Marayana Sayi® is taught in the 1st degree Rainbow Reiki®. With it you can set up a complete whole treatment, a Reiki light bath, in about 2 minutes and then enjoy it for 20 minutes with all the positions at the same time without having to do anything.

3. Keep a diary of your daily use of the rules of life. 
Where are you not yet succeeding in implementing them? 
What could you do better in this regard? 
Where are you making progress in this regard? 
What new things have you discovered about the meaning of a rule of life? 
What texts have you read about it and what have you taken from them that is important for you?
 You can use the Chakra Energy Cards to find out the issue behind a blockage to a rule and make it healable. Energize water with it, use it as an aura spray, drink it, rub it on your heart chakra or give yourself a daily Falayna Say® and include the affirmation drawn. The Falayna Say® is a sophisticated “control surface” of the 2nd Rainbow Reiki® Degree.

4. Once a week, or at least twice a month, exchange Reiki whole body treatments with other Reiki friends. Talk about your personal Reiki practice. Discuss questions, views, experiences and uncertainties.

5. Attend at least one Reiki seminar once or twice a year to refresh your knowledge, get new ideas, make new Reiki friends.

6. Read at least one to three books on Reiki and related topics annually. Discuss what you read with Reiki friends, try new applications.

7. Actively participate in at least one social media group, for example on Facebook, where Reiki is discussed.

8. Be open to the opinions of others and think carefully about what the opinions mean. There may be something important there for you and your path. Be mindful when the rationale for something related to Reiki is, “It’s traditional.” This is not a rationale, it simply indicates that someone does not know why it is so. If a Reiki Master tells you something about Reiki, it is not automatically more important or correct than what someone who has completed the 1st degree or who has had no Reiki training at all tells you. Especially since there are no exams and no protection in terms of quality for Reiki trainings. With Rainbow Reiki® it is different. There are extensive quality specifications.

9. You can walk the Reiki path as well with the 1st degree as with the Master degree. The Reiki energy in the 1st degree is just as good as the Reiki energy from the hands of a person trained in the Master degree.

So, these are some points that I find helpful when it comes to walking the Spiritual Path with Reiki. I hope some of this is useful to you.
Maybe you like to share your experience with me on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr or Twitter. And of course, I’m happy to answer your questions about it.

Heartfelt greetings
Walter Lübeck