How inner Peace creates outer Peace

No, I don’t get political in my blog articles, I promise!  Peace, I have written about it many times, is a state that, if you have it present within you, radiates outward into the world.  And even external theaters of war of all kinds can actually dry up.

Every type of meditation leads you to the wisdom of your heart and thus to peace.

However, this often does not happen without the necessary route through your own areas of discord. Which are quite diverse. For example, through inner unrest, illnesses, external friction. Also through emotional imbalance and much more. Honesty with yourself is important if you want to return to harmony. People are all too happy to blame the other person, the circumstances or “the system”. Because it hurts to recognize your own inner conflict. There are of course many other options that you can use to go within yourself, to explore your heart. Finding inner peace is so important. You can find some suggestions here…

One of the three spiritual principles of Rainbow Reiki® is personal responsibility.

Without personal responsibility, a path into your heart and thus into inner peace is not possible. This may deter some people from this path. Especially if you prefer life to be comfortable. And uncertainty and new paths with surprises should be avoided. But without personal responsibility there is only pseudo-peace, which in the long run costs a lot of energy and joy of life.

Once you have recognized what a seemingly external conflict or personal suffering has to do with your own inner strife, then the process of letting go of the roots of the strife can take place. Forgiveness and recognition where love has been missing so far – harmonization. In my experience, only then can you develop into the best version of yourself. Please also take a look at this blog article on the topic of peace.

Essentially, the answer to the question “How does inner peace create outer peace?” is quite simple…

If you are at peace, your surroundings can be much easier too. If your environment is at peace, the extended environment can do it much easier… and so on. If you get together with like-minded people, this will have an even more intense impact on your environment and the collective. It has been proven and measured (Maharishi Effect) that meditating, especially in a group, has a tangible impact on environments and can reduce crime rates. Seems unbelievable, but it’s true. I can confirm this effect through many years of experience and thousands of feedback from those who learned the Three Rays Meditation from me. Meditation not only pacifies the person, but also those around them. The resonance with the divine becomes more intense.

We live in a time in which forming groups that meditate to find and maintain one’s inner peace is becoming increasingly important. In my opinion, this is the only way humanity can save itself.

Since I am writing this blog article at the end of 2023 and Christmas is approaching, the topic of peace, finding or restoring peace within the family is an important topic. And not the annual „everything is hunky-dory”. Let your true inner peace radiate into your surroundings, even and especially in the event of a dispute. Breathe into your lower abdomen, stay with yourself and reflect on the love in your heart. Then your environment can also create this more easily.

And even if you are alone – it makes sense to create inner peace within you. No one is “an island”! Being at peace with what and how it is does not mean that you have to endure living conditions that are not good for you. Quite the opposite. Finding your inner peace brings you closer to your heart intelligence. And the heart knows exactly what you need and what is good for you. Learn to feel it, to follow it…

Finding and creating peace goes very deep! It always begins and ends with you.

That’s why I wrote above “be honest with yourself.” In my experience, this is sometimes the most painful thing on this path, as the core of all disputes is usually about love that has not been experienced or reciprocated. Even if you have the feeling that arguments and conflicts are more about power or money, for example in the family or among friends. Meditate on this and you will realize that it is always about love. Also love for yourself.

Create peace this year, now. I wish you the courage you need for this.

Acting from your inner heart motivation becomes more important than ever during this time of the astrological planet Pluto in the zodiac sign Aquarius. When making decisions, no longer just let your mind guide you, but increasingly also what your heart desires. The mind, as has often been mentioned, regulates well the details of your path. That’s what it’s there for… And if your mind has problems with it? Breathe into your lower abdomen and let the mind complain. Reflect on your heart strength. Over time, you can learn to distinguish when the mind is speaking. And when your heart… This becomes clearer the more you meditate.

Are you ready to bring the light into this world? Then meditate. Find love and gratitude within yourself.

The transformation of the world always begins within you!

With this in mind, I wish you a peaceful time!
Heartfelt Greetings Walter


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