Happiniess – become happier – being happier

Happiness is the central theme of every life. How do you become happier – and how can you maintain your happiness in the face of life’s challenges?

An important personal question:
Can you say that you are really happy enough?

If so, great!
If not, then I have some important tips from my coaching practice for you.

What exactly is happiness for you?

A central question! Because if you don’t know what exactly happiness is for you, it’s hard to find it, isn’t it?
Happiness in my experience is your resonance to your true nature. To what you really are. Happiness is a mood, a state. And, happiness is physically tangible. Yes, even more: if you don’t feel happiness in your body, then it’s not there.
In order to become happier, it is necessary to go a little further on the hero’s journey to yourself. Again and again. And that is a big risk. Because not every person around you wants you the way the creative power has sent you to this earth.

Happiness does not fall into your lap, it is something you work for.

I am sure you know the feeling of happiness. But, do you take this gift seriously? Serious enough to develop it? To give it a place in your life?

When does the hero’s journey to happiness end?

In fact, the journey is infinite. As infinite as your life process. Are you willing to keep searching, in new circumstances of your life, to become happier again? Meditation, Reiki, crystals, angels, shamanic rituals and guided meditations can help you well. When you are ready. If you keep choosing to be yourself … to find and walk the path to happiness.

Who accompanies you?

Your soul family is exactly the right one to accompany you. Just as you are with them when they go their way. Because, the members of your soul family want you exactly as you are. And this confirmation is so important. When others show you: We want you just the way you are!

The difficulties and challenges on the path to your happiness….

I’m sure you know that heroes always have to give up and sacrifice some things along the way in order to solve a task. And – you only have to let go of what your true being doesn’t need. This is called letting go of the old.
You may also experience something so dramatic that you find it easier to commit to fundamental changes in your life that force a turnaround.
These crises are usually initiated by the Pluto principle, the sign of Scorpio, Uranus or Lilith (astrology).
This information can be very helpful for you to find suitable and supporting videos on the topic on my YouTube channel.

Then there are the temptations along the way that tell you very forcefully, “You better not do this! It’s exhausting, risky.” or “How can you just give up your safety?” Or “You can take a shortcut and get double the luck – for sure and without much effort.”.
These are mostly voices of fear, comfort, or greed. So, facets of your life-hostile ego.

Pay close attention to your inner advisors and also to the voices on the outside. Because on the hero’s journey you will certainly learn one thing: the power of discernment. This is a really important power. And sometimes you fail. That is also important. Please never stop your journey. Get up again and keep going. It is worth it. I know that from my own experience.

That is what is so close to my heart: Your journey to happiness! It is so wonderful to experience people who have found their happiness and nourish it as best they can “just today”.
By the way: Do you already know the secrets of the five rules of life of Mikao Usui? 
I will, unless something else comes up, write my next blog article about it. You will be amazed how much meaning there is in them and how they work for you. Five simple sentences!

So being happy is not a “thing” to be achieved – being happy is your natural state, which wants to be consciously sought, achieved, maintained and experienced again and again.

Heartfelt greetings from your Walter


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