Energy work and practical work = successful change

Prayer and energy work, rituals and a change of thinking are very important to make this world a better place, to change your life for the better.

But these applications belong to the Yang area. They are abstract.

To work, you need concrete activities, projects, practical work that can support you spiritually!

Pray and work.

When you pray, act as if your prayers were already true, and all you need to do is work, with your hands, in the real world, to give prayer more space to spread. The same goes for energy work and rituals and guided meditations.

All this is very valuable. And it requires practical work, projects, cooperation with other people, so that concrete results can materialize.

My experience from the last 40 years of spiritual personal development is that the practical implementation of the ideas that fill your heart with joy will make this world change for the better – and that energy work alone cannot do this, no matter how intense it is.

So there is also the mnemonic: “Ora et labora!  The translation is: “Pray and work!”.

Make a list of things and situations that you think are really, really important to change.

Then think about which energy work is best suited to support this change. And then make a list of practical work that you would like to do so that the energy work can also be helpful in the world of matter. Always define your goals in practical terms, too, according to the so-called VAKOG model – that is, what you see, hear, physically feel, smell and taste. In my experience, the first three parts are the most important.
Only practically defined goals can be achieved!

If you then go to work, you will soon realize that now the change is happening which you have been waiting for so long!

And with your change the world becomes a better place. Because you have become practically active and have called the blessing of the creator power to your work!

I wish you much joy, success and a good cooperation with other members of your soul family!

Together we can do this!

Greetings from my heart,
Walter Lübeck