Creative power, physically experienced joy, love of life, sensuality

Every year in spring nature awakens to new life, full of vitality and creative energy. The time of more and more outward-facing life begins and we humans are of course strongly influenced by this natural force. If it weren’t for the Covid crisis, the street cafes and beer gardens would be filling up now. Open-air concerts would inspire us in the evening.

The 2nd chakra makes it possible for us to enjoy on a physical level.

Besides the physical sensual pleasures, the 2nd chakra provides us with love for life – the inner child plays a very important role here – creativity and affirmation of life and with a fulfilled sensuality.

In the course of our lives, be it through our family, our past lives, through serious experiences with disharmonious emotional consequences or also through social imprinting, many of us lose the ability to enjoy carefree and to the full. Much of these blockages in the stream of life have been produced by the churches. And of course, the “human machine” then works better. But is the purpose of human life to function?

For a long time I have been living shamanic-tantric and teach the important secrets of this path. This includes how important a well-functioning 2nd chakra is for a fulfilled life. My last blog post ended with the question, “How much well-being do you allow yourself?” (Feel free to reread here.) For now, please relate this question exclusively to your physical well-being.

How much sensuality, body happiness do you allow yourself in your daily life?

If you allow yourself body happiness, what does that do to you? Does it perhaps give you motivation, harmony, satisfaction? For me it is like this.
Even without a partner you can regularly do something for your body happiness. And  the more you do it, the better it works out with the common sensuality.
While showering, applying lotion, self-massaging your feet, hands, belly or during normal everyday activities you can focus your attention on the well-being of your body. And within the realm of possibility, more beautiful experiences can be invited for your body. The need to want to feel things through touch, scent, taste, grows the more you dare to engage with your sensuality. Sexual acts are only a small, though important, part of the sensual pleasures your body can give you.

In English there is a wonderfully versatile word for the different facets of sensuality: to caress. It contains the English word “care”.

By caressing something attentively and lovingly, you simultaneously provide it with soothing, sensual energy.

You contribute to its physical happiness. In the world of the shamans everything lives, everything is part of the divine. So everything can also enjoy. Try it…
Caress a simple object, your pet or a plant – consciously and sensitively. Feel the body with your senses. Feel what the conscious, tender contact triggers in you. Perhaps the matter-of-fact mind will report, “What am I doing here for a shenanigan? Such a waste of time!” Notice the thought, but don’t hold on to it! And then continue to attend to the sensual attention.

Such a thought of wasting time when pleasure is being experienced would never occur to a child. It would never feel “funny” or ashamed of its very natural need for satisfaction through closeness, tenderness and touch. For children, body happiness is still an acknowledged, unquestioned need. Maybe that’s one reason why “the little ones” have so much incredible energy….

Sensuality, pleasure and joy of life are essential basic needs.

Activation and harmonization of the 2nd chakra are important to reactivate and expand the capacity for pleasure. Only in this way can the natural state of physical happiness be re-established and stabilized.
If a person refuses to fulfill this basic need, blockages, suffering, stress, lack of joy in life, reduced motivation, tension, and more unpleasant consequences occur. The longer the blockages persist, the more massive their effect on the body, emotions, and our soul’s path.

Therefore I ask you to be mindful with yourself. If at some point you feel that you can’t go on, that you don’t feel much, that you don’t like it at all anymore or that you keep digressing, then leave it at that for the time being and tell yourself “It’s okay”. Don’t force yourself. That’s the complete opposite of what your body needs in order to regain energy, motivation and creativity.
Instead: Notice how it is right now… and what you can do to make your body significantly happier NOW. It’s often so simple…

Also ask yourself how good your work/life balance is. Whether you rather “live” or unfortunately only “exist” for the most part.
The more the head rules, the less you are in the body. The less you are in the body, the less pleasure and joy of life will determine your life. The Chinese say that Yin and Yang are different, but equally important and must be in balance and harmony with each other.

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