Three Rays Meditation 2

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10th – 11th October 2020, 10:00 am – 6:30 pm CET

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9th October 2020 at 10:00 am

The 2nd stage of the Three Rays Meditation
Serenga: The heart that returns 

The teachings in the Three Rays Meditation 2 (DSM 2) seminars are…

– The understanding of the heart power, the essence of spiritual love.

– The unique path of man to the divine.

– With special perception exercises you will become familiar with the heart diagnosis, which shows you where a person stands on his path, what separates him from his happiness and where help of a holistic nature can come from.

– Furthermore, you will get to know the deeper meaning of meditation for the evolution of the human community and you will receive techniques that you can use to promote your development and that of the community in which you live in a loving way.

– The contact with the big cosmic heart gives you not only security and love but also important special healing powers. First and foremost, however, the DSM of Level 2 is intended to support and protect your own development.

In connection with the applications of DSM Level 1, there are deep spiritual experiences and a large number of special healing techniques that need to be handled responsibly.

Those who engage in Step 2 of the Three Rays Meditation can confront the innermost part of their being.

The Three Primary Archangels. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael help you to leave behind the self-chosen limitations of being human and to connect with your Divine Being. In the encounter with the holy powers of these archangels it is easier for you to get involved with the Divine within you.

Serenga …
means: “The heart that returns” and thus points to the ever self-regenerating love of the Creator Power and to the awakening of the Spiritual Heart Power in the person who practices the second stage of the three-ray meditation.
The traditional rituals of cleansing are an important aid for attaining Serenga. These methods clarify feelings, mind and soul and, through the process of Spiritual Sacrifice, create space for new, healing structures in the practitioner.

Walter Lübeck

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