The secret of Usui Reiki symbols

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Januar 23, 2021, 10:00 am – 6:30 pm CET

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Januar 21, 2021 at 10:00 am CET

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Many stories entwine themselves around the symbols and mantras of the Usui-Reiki system.
Since I got to know these fascinating and incredibly versatile tools of healing energy work in the late eighties, I have been researching them thoroughly.
This seminar is not only about how to draw the symbols correctly and how to pronounce and apply their mantras correctly.
It is about the deep wisdom that is hidden in them and about spiritual energy work with them, which goes far beyond what is taught in the basic seminars with them.
Each of the symbols is a kind of library of spiritual wisdom.
And whoever knows how to decipher these symbols can drink from the sources of wisdom themselves.
Together we will study different ways to call the power of the symbols and use them for energy work, meditation and the perception of spiritual energies.
A special part of this seminar will be the physical experience of the power of each symbol.
For the energy qualities of a symbol can actually be physically experienced and even, combined with many beneficial effects, integrated.

The program in detail…

• An overview of the functions of the symbols for strengthening strength, mental healing, remote contact and initiation (master symbol) in energy work.
• Different ways to draw the symbols correctly.
• How the symbols can be built up especially powerfully and how the high vibrational spiritual energy of the symbols can be used easily and safely for the development of the inner energy system.
• Astral journeys with the symbols
• Divine beings connected with the symbols, their tasks, different forms of energy work and meditation with them.
• An overview of the spiritual philosophy of the symbols of Usui Reiki.
• Body exercise for direct experience of the energy of the symbols.

Walter Lübeck

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