The Return of the Mothertrees


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January 15, 2023 | 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

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In our time, there are so many difficulties that mankind has brought on itself. And these challenges are so complex, so complicated, that the human mind is simply not able to recognize their full extent or to find truly workable solutions to the problems at hand. Political and ideological differences abound. The earth and its inhabitants are increasingly suffering from climate chaos.
For this situation, it needs solutions from the Divine Source. It needs its comprehensive reorientation, especially of the responsible people and their supporters.
A new harmony will only be the solution to what is burdening us all and can lead to very difficult times. 

In this webinar you will learn to understand the tasks of the Mother Trees.  These trees were important pillars of the culture and technology of the time before the fall of Lemuria, until about 12000 years ago. Each of these trees was selected at a young age by specially trained people. And then accompanied with an energy work compiled for this purpose until the small plant has become a large powerful and wise tree. To that mother tree belongs an angel, who works over this tree in the material world.  

In this webianr there is training in a form of Lemurian energy work that I have not taught before.
It is taught how to choose a suitable mother tree.
With which methods the shamanic lightworker supports the tree in its development, so that it becomes a great, independent mother tree. 
It is explained and practiced to connect mother trees with other trees and power places, rocks and mountains, springs and rivers. Because the mother trees receive with their unique powers the spiritual messages of the stars, the primordial mothers and pass them on, in a way appropriate for earthly life, to people, animals and plants.  

With the powers of the mother trees can heal, normalize the weather and adjust to the needs of people, animals and plants. Mother trees can help support a loving, constructive and nature-loving mindset. Mother Trees encourage and accompany the children of the new age on their paths to the great transformation of planet and society.
This webinar will teach the requirements to do this and much more. And thus to become a co-creator of a new world. 
The webinar includes several shamanic journeys and there are detailed written instructions for the nurturing of the Mother Trees. Furthermore, attunements to the Archangels of the Mother Trees will take place. And together we will call the Archangels of the Mother Trees into our circle and thus give this high being of light the opportunity to become co-creators of earthly life again after 12000 years.  

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Walter Lübeck

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