Shamanic Rituals

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Shamanism is the oldest form of spirituality, the connection with divine forces. Still widespread throughout the world today, not only among “primitives”, it offers a variety of practice-proven ways to call upon the help of the creative power and its subtle messengers, such as angels, power animals or gods.
Shamanically working people adapt the outer circumstances of their spiritual healing work to the respective zeitgeist, the cultural environment. But the core, that which heals and protects, always remains the same: the power of the heart, which harmoniously unites heaven and earth. 

For this seminar I have selected a number of particularly effective methods of shamanic energy work with the spiritual forces of nature. In addition, of course, there is an introduction to the shamanic worldview, which is based on rules derived from observation of nature.
The exercises presented in this seminar can be used by anyone without prior knowledge.
I myself have been working very successfully according to the system presented in this seminar for over 30 years and have been teaching it in many countries around the world since the early 90s.

The deeper meaning of shamanic work lies in the direct connection with divine forces, the personal experience of the spiritual worlds and the devotion to the healing order of nature. Shamanism should not be confused with spirit conjuring, drug use, or black magic, because the central concern of shamanism is spiritual healing on all levels.

The seminar “Shamanic Rituals” combines several particularly powerful methods of shamanism. Much of the content comes from the Lemurian tradition. From this I have developed a synthesis suitable for today’s everyday life in the West. Shamanism should fit into daily life and help to cope with its challenges.

Rituals are the central working tool of shamanism. Who knows how to do it, can already achieve amazing effects with simple means and call healing forces from the realms of light for themselves and others. How rituals are planned and performed correctly, what can be achieved with them and how, will be explained in detail in this seminar.

The seminar contents in detail…
The shamanic worldview
What is shamanic magic?
The prerequisites for shamanic magick
A definition of magic
The ethics of shamanic magic
The tools of shamanic magic
The broom or the feather
The magic wand
Special wands of the White Feather school
Making a shamanic wand
Incense and its proper use
How to do shamanic magic
Calling the light beings
The Wiccan speech
Your shamanic power animals
Calling a power animal friend
The elements earth, air, fire and water
The shamanic work with the pentagram
Calling and banishing pentagrams
Making amulets and talismans yourself
Good times for shamanic conjuring
The days of the week, the times of the day and their spiritual qualities
Shamanic healing rituals
Knot rituals
Candle rituals
Shamanic love rituals
Shamanic rituals for personal development
Build a shamanic altar yourself
Shamanic money and success rituals

Possibilities and limitations of ritual energy work Please note: All rituals are human-friendly – so no survival experiments in any respect. I put a lot of emphasis on the safety of the participants. No drugs are used and no one has to do anything he or she does not want to do. I have been performing all the rituals for a long time in many places around the world. They are proven, effective and reliable!

Prerequisites: None, the seminar is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners.

All important techniques and rituals are included in the seminar manual.
Current seminar fee: see seminar registration

Please note: All methods described here are not to be considered as a substitute for a visit to the doctor. We explicitly advise you to consult a licensed physician in case of serious illness or suspicion of such.  

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