Sayi Toya Lanai


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December 19, 2021 | 10:00 am – 6:30 pm CET

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December 17, 2021 at 10:00 am CET

Sayi Toya Lanai, your rebirth in the light – the dissolving of your shadows at the turn of the year and the preparation of a happy new beginning in the year that is about to begin – this is the content of this seminar ritual, which traditionally takes place at the end of a year.

In this seminar, which is based on an ancient Lemurian ritual, I will help you to release the shadows of the past year by invoking the Great Goddess and Her angels, relaxation trances, spiritual energy transfers and a crystal especially programmed for you.

Forgiveness is important to cleanse your heart and open it for the spiritual light of the new year. You will learn to understand the important events of the past year in a healing way. Angels help you to understand parts of your soul that felt neglected this year, to bring them back to you and to integrate them gently.

In addition, you will receive an initiation and a meditation picture for this year, which will connect you to the light message of the star, which according to Lemurian Astrology determines the spiritual vibration of the next year for you.

We will work with the following Lemurian Stars

• Win
• Transformation
• Healing
• Relationship
• Reorientation
• Sensual pleasures
• Stabilization
• New (tantric) friends of the soul family 
• Detachment from the not-path
• Prosperity
• Finding yourself
• Truth
• Joy
• Discover the angels
• Discover (your) nature 
• Dissolving illusions (burning the veils)
• Learning
• Enjoy (ability to)
• Finding a home
• Forgiveness
• Tenderness and romance
• Arrive in the here and now
• Looking in the mirror
• The value of your self
• Understanding and living friendship
• Health (physical happiness)
• Understanding outcomes
• Dissolve gilt
• Dissolve shame
• Resolve addiction
• Dissolve entanglement
• Lightness
• Kindness

One of these stars will come to you during the seminar and you will get an initiation to use its mantra. You may repeat this holy word 108 times or a multiple of it whenever you like to tune into the star’s message and prosper with it.

The meditation picture can be used to expand the mantra work, but can also be used on its own. It contains many different qualities that have a healing and consciousness-expanding, harmonizing and teaching effect on you. Either just look at the picture with your eyes focussing into infinity or do so and recite the mantra of your star at the same time.

Both the work with the mantra and the image can be deepened and focused on specific topics that are important to you by holding the crystal given to you as well as by placing the crystal on intuitively chosen areas of the meditation picture.

Depending on which chakra you hold the crystal in front of during the meditation, emphasis is placed on certain life themes. During the whole seminar you can relax and listen to the music and my voice and open yourself to the healing energy transmissions. You don’t need to learn anything specific – the essential steps of spiritual healing happen in your unconscious mind – just like, for example, during crystal healing or with vibration essences of angels.

Walter Lübeck

220,- € incl. VAT
Guest participation is not possible.

Please have a small rock crystal (sherry-sized) or a similar sized pebble with you.

The seminar price includes a manual and an annual mandala as PDF.