Reiki, Quantum Healing & Shamanic Hypnosis

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September 3rd, 2022 | 10:00 am – 6:30 pm CET
September 4th, 2022 | 10:00 am – 6:30 pm CET

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In spiritual philosophy, there are three types of trauma that shows up in the main chakras and massively hinder their activity. This concerns the first main chakra (survival), the third main chakra (power and powerlessness), the fifth main chakra (free individual self-expression). 
In this webinar you will learn how these spiritual blockages (energetic traumas) can be harmonized using Reiki, shamanic Hypnosis and Quantum Healing.  
You can use these applications for yourself as well as support other people and animals with it.  
You also will learn various Shamanic Hypnosis techniques (trance work, astral journeys) that will enable you to enter spiritual states of consciousness in which you are very open to deep, karmic healing and personality development. We use the resulting devotion to the divine order by means of shamanic quantum healing (2-point, 3-point and 4-point techniques) to reorient your life path.  
You will learn Shamanic Words of power with which you can achieve especially deep harmonizations through quantum healing and Reiki.  

During this weekend you will receive four Reiki initiations corresponding to the first degree of Usui Reiki and you will learn a form of Aura Work with Reiki (Quantum Healing in the Aura), through which you can reach your inner light – vitality, comprehensive love ability, well-being and success orientation – even through deep blockages.  

Shamans have been using hypnotic states very successfully for thousands of years to enter into healing relationships with light beings and spiritual power sources, to participate in Divine wisdom and to solve the problems of daily life in an amazingly simple way.  For this webinar I have compiled the forms of shamanic hypnosis and lightwork that I have developed over the last three decades, so that they are not only particularly effective, but also easy to learn and apply. 
Through the special blend of hypnotic states that enhance contact with Divine Light, the very effective methods of Quantum Healing, and deep energetic activation through proven Reiki initiations, this webinar is an extraordinary opportunity for you to create a comprehensive reorientation and work through karmic legacy issues and developmental blockages.  

A special focus in these two days is to activate and systematically develop the peace within you and around you. Because the peace within you provides a constructive resonance to peaceful experiences and peaceful relationships. Especially at this time, external events put a lot of strain on inner peace, creating stress, conflicts, restlessness and bad moods. To get out of this disharmony is very important, because otherwise the quality of life suffers great damage and moments of happiness, ways to success and improvement of one’s situation can not be fully used.  
Through an initiation developed by me, in addition to the four Reiki initiations, you will find it especially easy to combine shamanic quantum healing and healing hypnotic states and use them together with great synergistic effects.   

Many of the methods you learn you can use for others as well.   
But a main focus in these two days, is your personal development through shamanic clearings and energy transmissions that I give for you during the webinar, so that the door to peace and freedom is opened in you and you create and learn to use a healing contact to your I Am and your personal divine.

Walter Lübeck

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