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3rd Oktober 2020, 10:00 am – 6:30 pm CET
4th Oktober 2020, 10:00 am – 6:30 pm CET

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2nd Oktober 2020 at 10:00 am

What is the light body?

The light body of a being connects its material existence with the individual spiritual existence. The better the resonance to the matrix of the light body, the easier the spiritual development. Among other things, intuition, extrasensory perception and any kind of spiritual healing works so much better. The fine movements of the soul are perceived more easily and receive a valuable clarity and loving presence.

Only with light body work can a Spiritual Awakening, a smooth, beneficial process of enlightenment be brought about. A healthy, natural resonance is established between the material part of a being and its spiritual part.

What makes Rainbow Reiki® Lightbodywork special

Rainbow Reiki®, together with matching tools of spiritual energy work from Lemuria, offers a safe and effective way to bring the matrix of the material body into optimal resonance with the matrix of spiritual existence.

With this seminar you enter a completely new world of spiritual energy work with Reiki. Through the initiation into various Lemurian symbols and mantras you will be enabled to heal on levels, to promote the development of the personality and to restore the Divine Sense, which are mostly unknown even to experienced esotericists of other schools.

It is all about consciously promoting the development of the light body and the areas of the energy system that work closely with it. In other esoteric schools this often requires several decades of strict practice to achieve something similar to the toolbox taught in this seminar.

Making the conscious connection with the personal Divine Self

At the same time, Rainbow Reiki Light Bodywork is a very safe method of approaching one’s own Divine Self. This is the part of a being that is eternal, that can never be hurt and that belongs directly to the infinite life principle called Creative Power.

Since in Lemuria the light body work was part of the obligatory school education for several thousand years, the methods coming from this tradition are very mature and go far beyond what has been worked out and used in China, India, Tibet, Nepal or Japan in the time after the downfall of Lemuria.

When I first taught Rainbow Reiki® Lightbodywork in India, the participants of my seminars could not believe how simple, powerful and risk-free this method is.

Rainbow Reiki® Lightbodywork – the turbocharger for the practical application of the spiritual law of attraction

Whatever you want to achieve in life, through the methods of Rainbow Reiki® Lightbodywork your plans will be more easily aligned with the Divine Order and implemented in a holistically beneficial way.

Through an increased functionality of the light body and an optimised connection to the rest of the human energy system, such as the main and side chakras, serious mistakes in important decisions in life can be avoided through good intuition and the promotion of “happy coincidences”.

At the same time, positive life factors and spiritual forces are strengthened. Life is not about suffering, but about loving, learning and laughing. To come closer to this goal means to express one’s own Divine identity in the world of matter in an appropriate way.  It is about following the path of the soul – not the path of the ego.

With Rainbow Reiki® Light Bodywork a new section of your path begins for you, filled with wonders. The possibilities of this seminar are not only limited to spiritual healing – they promote the direct development of your material self to your divinity and cause a systematically usable access to spiritual forces of the highest levels.

Rainbow Reiki® Light Bodywork can also be an effective help in spiritual crises, even when all other means fail.

The motto of Rainbow Reiki® Lightbodywork

Direct your attention to the Divine Light 
and you will become this –
no shadow can exist when light reaches it!

The contents of the Rainbow Reiki® Light Bodywork seminar in detail…

* An overview of the entire human energy system. From the meridians, the chakras & aura fields to the plane of the Sacred Mountains, the light body and the personal angel existence.

* The functions of the 8th Chakra (Bindu) and the 9th Chakra (Nita).

* Initiation into the Rainbow Reiki symbols and mantras for the development and stabilization of the 8th and 9th chakras.

* The aura chakras and their functions

* Rainbow Reiki® energy work with the aura chakras.

* The three Lemurian Rainbow Reiki symbols and mantras for direct energy work with the light body.

* Additional applications of the three Lemurian Rainbow Reiki Symbols for spiritual healing and development.

* The Rainbow Reiki® light body meditation and its manifold effects for the development of the personal light matrix.

* Special Rainbow Reiki® Affirmations to support the light body work with mental healing.

Walter Lübeck

First participation: 395,- € incl. VAT
Guest fee: 130,- € incl. VAT

The 2nd degree of Traditional Usui Reiki or the 2nd degree of Rainbow Reiki.

The seminar price includes a manual for all participants.
A certificate is included for first-time participants.