Rainbow Reiki® first degree (Filipino | English)

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July 29, 2024 | 3:00 – 12:00 am CET
July 30, 2024 | 3:00 – 12:00 am CET

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July 25, 2024 at 8:00 pm CET

Webinar Beschreibung Rainbow Reiki® Elfenlichttraining

The journey into the Rainbow Reiki® wonderland starts with a two-day 1st degree seminar. Supported by comprehensive learning material, the skills and knowledge for the use of Rainbow Reiki® are taught by means of tuition, numerous exercises and bioenergetic initiations.

Here is an – incomplete – list of what happens during a 1st degree Rainbow Reiki® seminar:

• EnerSense: Sensitization exercises to awaken/improve the ability to sense bio-energies. These exercises have been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese Nei Gong (inner work with bio-energy).
• A noetic Rainbow Reiki® symbol and mantra for dissolving bio-energetic congestions and blockages on all levels (transfer via initiation).
• The Japanese Medicine Buddha mantra of Esoteric Buddhism and the lapis lazuli light of the Medicine Buddha (transfer via initiation).
• Initiation into the three most important Rainbow Reiki® healing songs.
The right kind of music can have a profoundly harmonizing effect on body, mind and soul!
• The 17 positions of the full body contact treatment with Rainbow Reiki®.
• Various special positions for targeted bioenergetic harmonization.
• The Marayana Sayi® full body contact treatment.
• Marayana Sayi® healing songs and special positions.
• In order to be able to practice Marayana Sayi® a special initiation will be given during the seminar.
• Marayana Sayi® Aura – How to give a Rainbow Reiki® full body treatment without physical contact within approx. 30 meters distance. How to energetically nourish organs and specific body areas directly with the beneficial Rainbow Reiki® power.
• Marayana Sayi® group treatment: This is a complete bioenergetic distant treatment already included in the 1st degree Rainbow Reiki®! It is very easy to set up within a few minutes and suitable for one or more individuals at the same time. For example, for the whole family after dinner. To set up a Marayana Sayi® session for one or more people takes about three minutes and then it works automatically for 20 minutes with its relaxing, beneficial power. After 20 minutes Marayana Sayi® ends by itself with an energetic aura cleansing, chakra balancing and grounding! In addition, the Marayana Sayi® method contains the technique Shalaya Sayi – an easy to use, safe and very effective method of supporting the bioenergetic integrity of the personality, comparable to shamanic soul hunting.

Furthermore, various Rainbow Reiki® techniques will be taught, such as:

• Systematic Chakra Work (including the kinesiological muscle test)
• Intuitive Rainbow Reiki®
• Rainbow Reiki® – crystal healing
• Rainbow Reiki® – aura healing with the “dancing hands”
• Rainbow Reiki® – the power ball
• Rainbow Reiki® – meditation
• The “homeopathic” touch to optimize the energetic contact with the client.
• The Mount Kurama meditation with the original Reiki symbol.
A special meditation to unite with the spiritual power of Mount Kurama, an ancient power place near Kyoto (Japan), where Mikao Usui found enlightenment and received the Reiki healing power. There will be a special Rainbow Reiki® initiation into this.
• Explanations about the chakras, spiritual psychosomatics, energetic aspects of nutrition and the five original precepts by Mikao Usui 
• The mudras of healing according to Mikao Usui
• Applying Rainbow Reiki® with the eyes
• Energetic cleansing (clearing the aura)
• Spiritual personality development with Rainbow Reiki®
• Dealing with spiritual development crises

Addition from February 2023:
In addition to the tried and true healing songs, there is now a mantra that can be used to put any area of the body into intense resonance with Reiki. These are simple words, but a great tool. When you experience its effects, you will not want to miss it anymore.

Walter Lübeck

Price (for non Brazilian participants)
First participation: 595,- € incl. VAT
Guest fee: 150,- € incl. VAT (not older than 4 years)
Please notice:
All Filipino participants please register with the Filipino organizer:
Kei Mitsu, Contact: Ruby, cerridwen0713@gmail.com

The seminar price includes a manual for all participants. A certificate is included for first-time participants. In addition, as a first-time participant you will receive a link to to mantras and healings-songs.

The seminar “Rainbow Reiki® – The 1st degree” is very much suited for beginners and also offers an intensive further training for advanced light workers. Everybody can participate – no requirements!