Meeting the Angels – Crystal Path

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July 20, 2024 | 10:00 am – 6:00 pm CET
July 21, 2024 | 10:00 am – 6:00 pm CET

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There is a special magic in the encounter with angels. These creatures of light enrich the life of every being they meet. Anyone who has not experienced the closeness of an angel cannot really understand how valuable such an encounter is.
That is why I have been helping other people to meet angels for many years. I don’t want to be alone with such a wonderful experience. And so I invite you to visit with me the angels and their magical worlds.

I was fortunate enough to meet an angel when I was two and a half years old. This experience has had a significant impact on me to this day. I do not need to think about whether angels really exist. Because since this first experience of a special kind, they have been a part of my world, of my life. For me they are as real as my neighbors, my friends, the house I live in, the air I breathe, the sun in the sky.
Angels advise me – and I am learning better and better how to listen to them.

In the basic seminar, “Meeting with Angels,” I teach what my light-filled teachers have shown and explained to me, and what they consider suitable for optimally attuning people to themselves and their worlds closely connected to the divine. This is about angelic orders, the archangels, amulets consecrated with angelic power, spiritual healings with the help of the archangels and the release of all kinds of occupations by the “angelic warrior” Archangel Michael.

In the advanced seminar “Meeting with Angels – The Crystal Path” we visit the realms of the angels together.
Stations of this journey are the 7 heavens, the mighty 4 streams of soul power and the dragon angels, who guard this part of the kingdoms of light and offer orientation, healing, manifold help and their wisdom to seekers.

The travel vehicle consists of special forms of astral travel, which are taught by means of initiations in this seminar.

Part of the angelic worlds are energetic crystal structures that represent the sacred order of creation. People call such a thing “sacred geometry”. In this seminar, I show participants how to work with some of the angelic crystals. For example, it is easy and safe to send the dead into the light, clear disharmonious energies, and transfer a variety of healing powers from the angelic realms into the human world.

There are special symbols of the angels. One to connect with one’s original spiritual soul process in this world. One to rebuild material structures that are healthy and perfectly invested in the original matrix of a being. One to make healthy and strengthen the will to live, to invite courage and the power of self-realization. One to connect the feelings with the subtle stirrings of the soul, its desires and vision. One to heal depressive moods, negativity, destructive thinking and behavior with the power of love and light, and a last one to invite the beneficial forces of the Earth Goddess, the Great Mother to oneself or others, so that they can nourish and act as vitalizing.

Each person has a personal angelic existence that rests dormant in the realms of light. With a special meditation the participants experience their angelic existence and participate in their comprehensive love and wisdom. Thus, the spiritual awakening and the path to the light is effectively supported. 

Walter Lübeck

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Meeting the Angels