Lemurian Ur-Reiki

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April 20, 2024 | 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
April 21, 2024 | 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

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In this seminar I teach a method that I remember is widespread in the culture of the continent of Lemuria, which sank in the Pacific about 12,000 years ago, of using the form of life energy known in Japan as “Reiki”. There were several schools in Lemurian culture that used Reiki. Each had developed very different procedures and training structures for the use of Reiki over the millennia. But all of them had their foundations in the spiritual philosophy of the Great Goddess, which was widespread in Lemuria.

Some Reiki schools worked almost exclusively with crystals to invoke Reiki and apply it in a structured manner. Others used singing, special musical instruments and dance. Some had developed a variety of beautiful Reiki rituals to call Reiki to individual beings, places or groups and topics or projects. Of course there was also the use of Reiki, combined with the laying on of hands, special symbols, mantras and mudras that were linked to the Reiki power. In some schools, Sacred Geometry was used in energetic, mental, emotional and material forms with Reiki.

Most Reiki schools knew and used baths in sacred spring ponds charged with a lot of Reiki and enriched with flower essences, which were usually located in the gardens of the goddess. One of these spring ponds was the origin of all Reiki traditions in Lemuria. In order not to have to provide too much background knowledge about Lemuria and the Lemurian culture and thus overload the manual and the webinar with information that is not directly relevant, I have transferred a lot of the information into the context of the widespread spiritual concepts of today.

Instead of the Lemurian Light Beings, I have cited their “modern” counterparts from India, China and Japan wherever possible. That’s why I chose corresponding “modern” mantras as far as possible. Although this requires some effort in preparation, it makes it easier for participants to understand the content and, if necessary, do their own research. In this way, everyone can research the internet and literature themselves and better understand connections and backgrounds, which is not easily possible with Lemurian light beings and mantras. There is little to no literature on this.

The way of using Reiki taught here in Say’Noya is simple, effective and at the same time versatile and sustainable.

The contact with the Reiki energy and the light beings who guard it, convey it and help with its application is very direct, often poetic and beneficial.

The initiations in Say’Noia – probably the most original Lemurian Reiki tradition, open up a safe, stable and permanent access to Reiki. Anyone who is new to the energy of Reiki will quickly achieve good results. Anyone who already knows how to use Reiki will be pleasantly surprised at what can still be achieved with this special form of life energy, which has made the life’s work of the Japanese spiritual teacher Mikao Usui known worldwide.

Usui only had four years to teach his method of spiritual healing with Reiki. In this short period of time he achieved fantastic achievements.

In Lemuria there were various schools that worked with the energy Reiki – for thousands of years. And accordingly, there is  a lot more to learn. And the content is not limited by the framework of Japanese culture.

Over the last three decades I have incorporated many methods of using Reiki, symbols, mantras and mudras, initiations and theoretical concepts from the Lemurian spiritual schools into the training of my Rainbow Reiki® School where appropriate. This means that, compared to the common methods of Usui Reiki, incredibly effective, versatile applications that everyone can learn have come into our time. Just in time, I think.

Say’Noia now goes a few steps further towards the original use of Reiki in Lemuria. And I am sure that Say’Noia will bring at least as much good to people interested in Reiki as the concepts and applications that I have known and proven in Rainbow Reiki®.

How Say´Noia came about…

More than 20,000 years ago, nine women set out to take great steps forward on their spiritual paths as healers. They were experienced priestesses from various temples in Lemuria. Her intuition led her to the garden of the goddess of the main temple of Lemuria. There they looked for extensions of their healing powers. None of these priestesses knew the others. The central Rainbow Garden (Sayayi teri sai Doulén – The Sparkling Crystal of the Great Beloved) of Lemuria was located near the main temple of the Great Goddess (Sai ​​Soulén – Where the Glorious Kisses Us), which stretches for many kilometers on a wide mountain slope on the coast extended. This practice of seeking deepening and expansion of personal healing powers in the gardens of the Goddess was not unusual. Priests did this regularly, every one to three years, as part of their professional training and their personal spiritual path.

After performing a ritual cleansing in one of the bathing ponds of the Goddess’s Garden, each priestess sought the flower or herb species that would guide her spirit to the Goddess in the right way” (Valai Serey), which was necessary to gain deeper access to her to find personal healing power. The mantra Lerián sa’Dei Sanya was recited. What it means is: May my gender connect with that of the plant that teaches me to bring more life into this world.

In Lemuria it was known that every spiritual healing power is ultimately channeled from the spiritual world into the material one through the realm of the body and the energy system, which is also responsible for the union of lovers as Goddess and God and for the reception of new souls in the material one world cares. The seeker was transported into an altered state of consciousness by the scent of the plant. This mental state was not intoxication. Because the plant was not an intoxicant that forced changes in mental activities. The plants helped the mind to form a spiritual focus and thus to be able to engage much better with a very specific contact, a very specific resonance with a spiritual source. Each of the priestesses found the same type of rose. And the “scent of the rose” led all nine priestesses to the same crystal spring (Seri’ad Ley) in the garden of the goddess. The women joined the priest Serey Louon, the guardian of the source, in a temple circle and over the next three days and nights received Say’Noia (the light force of the Goddess’s life source) – a Lemurian Reiki healing method.

During the three days, each of the priestesses and priests placed a mandala made of crystals, rose petals and rose branches next to the spring. Every day the mandala grew, refined and enlarged. At midnight of the last day, when the full moon was shining brightly in the sky, the priestesses and priest intoned the heart mantra “Ah” while in deep resonance with one another they created the bridge of light to the source, the newly discovered healing power.

The Rose Gates of the Great Goddess opened and as the priest Serey Louon received the Divine Potential of the Light Force and passed it on to the Priestesses, each of the Priestesses became a facet of Say’Noia, a human gateway for the Light Force of the Goddess’s Life Source.

Through this first initiation, each priestess received a new spiritual name, which also became a mantra for the gate she guarded…

Walter Lübeck

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