Kanseya Sou La Tou Verenya

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December 3, 2021 | 10:00 am – 6:30 pm CET

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December 2, 2021 at 10:00 am CET

The Kanseya Meditation for the Third Eye

The Kanseya Sou La Tou Verenya is specialized in balancing, cleansing, strengthening, healing and developing the 6th chakra.
There are healings that can be mediated by another person – such as disinfecting and sewing a wound, an angel healing or a Reiki session. Besides this kind of healing there are also healings that a person can only give to himself. These include serious decisions whose practical implementation fundamentally changes and develops the personal life structure. Decisions that consist of following love, compassion, wisdom in thinking, feeling and acting, doing something right because it is right and only secondarily because other people may find it good or want to do so.

In the third eye there is a kind of built-in personal guru (Upaguru). Every person has it within him. He is part of the Inner Child and the High Self. He does not need development in the strict sense of the word. However, the everyday consciousness of a person must learn to listen to this spiritual entity within itself, to take its messages seriously, to understand them as best as possible and to strive to act upon them.
This will usually not please the ego, the guardian programs and neurotic structures, moral values and norms will be against it – also often large parts of the social environment. Nevertheless, this part of a person is able to show the personal, unique path to happiness, prosperity and health. This is exactly what it is there for!

Your built-in guru will plead for a life appropriate to your potentials, limits and learning tasks, will tell you clearly and unmistakably who is good for you and who is not. He will give you a recommendation regarding the right learning tasks and activities for you right now. And it will take some time and a lot of courage to give this good advice adequate space in your life. Because the ego, your fears and guard programs know everything better! Even if they have so far made sure that you suffer. They want to be right. If you are brave enough to give them their appropriate place, you automatically open the door to your own paradise.

You will get the most urgently needed help for this great and immensely important task through the practice of So La Tou Verenya.

Examples of topics that can be worked on well with this variant of Kanseya …
• You are very unsure about most decisions or prefer to leave it to others to make decisions for you.
• You think your life is very bad, you have no future prospects.
• You do not see any significant potential, any special and useful abilities in yourself or you refuse to recognize and use them practically to improve your life and to understand your Divine heritage.
• Fears partly or generally determine your life. When others know you, they quickly realize that your favorite topic is what goes wrong, what has gone wrong, what can still come badly, what you are afraid of. Your efforts are essentially aimed at precaution, protection, protection, gathering, hiding.
• You divide the people you know best into friends and enemies. With time, however, more and more people you have timidly counted among your friends, come to the conviction that they are enemies after all. You tend to hide yourself from them, to avoid them, isolate yourself more and more, and are basically lonely.
• You wear many masks and always think about how you could still hide, what people say or how you would have to adapt. The outside is much more important to you than the inside – you prefer to have instead of being.
• You build spiritual things into your life rather purposefully. What can heal this suffering, make you rich, calm your fears or help you to assert your will. You seldom have anything for spiritual personality development in the narrower sense.
• Money is essential for you. You try to accumulate it, hide it from others, save it, care about your money, measure happiness or unhappiness in life essentially through money.
• Relationships are important for you to get your way. Others should ultimately do what you want. You do not like to give very much, but you accept if you dare.
• For your life you have no or only very nebulous superordinate goals. A spiritual vision is not really important to you – perhaps it even frightens you when it knocks on your door, because it does not take into account your fears, guardian programs, moral concepts and clerical norms.
• You like to avoid sex – with changing explanations and excuses, or you use it to manipulate others or to get out of control. You don’t want the closeness to others that good sex almost inevitably creates. You don’t want to give up control and merge, experience the ecstasy that brings you closer to the divine. But the control of your sex partners is important to you. You feel enormous jealousy when someone seems to be interested in your lover or lover – even if you do not want your partner’s sex at all. You are simply afraid of losing control, of having to hand over a supportive person to your enemies.
• You can work well, but you don’t really care about this activity. It is rather a burden. You want to be rich and independent. Having enough money is your addiction. A vocation that can become a profession is either a foreign word for you or something for others. You see no sense in working – just another burden to the many sufferings with which you are already beaten.
• Death frightens you, dying and the dependence on others that comes with it, the situation that you cannot control perhaps even more. That the life you hate is also finite is a terrible thought. Actually you want neither living nor dying. Because with both you would have to get involved, let go, give yourself, give up your masks.
• You love nature as long as it is controlled and structured. To let it do what it wants and to enjoy its unique problem solutions, its wild beauty, is foreign to you. For you, naturalness means telling nature how to understand the word. It is similar with your own naturalness.
• Your body and its needs and functions scare you. It simply cannot always be forced to do what you want, reacts more and more “allergically” to the straitjacket you have imposed on it, your refusal to satisfy its needs adequately or to listen to it at all. Headaches and other head symptoms, stomach and heart problems, chronic tensions and ailments that somehow cannot be “controlled” show the desperate efforts of your body to communicate its suffering to you.
• You are especially afraid of the natural, constant change. You want everything to stay the same and despair in your efforts to let everything in you and around you freeze against the resistance of the flow of life to make it absolutely controllable. However, the divine is always stronger than your ego and its fears and neurotic ideas.
• Celebration is a necessary evil for you. You go through such experiences of pure pleasure in order to behave appropriately when you can no longer stand it because of loneliness or to impress or manipulate certain people.
• You prefer to work alone. This is safe and it calms your fears a bit.

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