Kanseya Sotiran – Meditation, Sensuality and Quality of Life

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18th October 2020, 10:00 am – 6:30 pm CET

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15th October 2020 at 10:00 am

Creating more enjoyment through meditation, dissolving chronic tensions and stress – is that possible?
The Kanseya Sotiran, a special spiritual method of meditation and energy work, which is taught in this webinar, clears up all kinds of blockages in the area of the pelvis. And thus frees the primordial forces of life in humans!

In our culture, premature and incorrect cleanliness education in the pelvic area of the infant, as well as the rigid, fear-controlled sexual morals of our society, the suppression of feelings of lust, acquired shame and disgust, and various individual traumas, cause chronic muscle cramps in the pelvic area, which can dramatically impede vitality, health and joy of life. Because the energies of strength and joy, lust and happiness have their origin in the pelvis.

Kanseya Sotiran awakens, strengthens and harmonizes the energies of joy, has a positive effect on all energetic disharmonies of the pelvis and lower abdomen as well as the lower back, kidneys and adrenal glands, the sexual organs as well as the bone metabolism, skin and small intestine. Chronic energy deficits of the kidneys – even essential ones – are gradually filled up with Kanseya Sotiran through regular practice.

Fresh vital forces flow to you through the meditation practice of Kanseya Sotiran. The joy of life and creativity are stimulated, and the source of your personal light power and intuition begins to flow more strongly.

The Kanseya Sotiran supports the partnership or the search for the right partner, as it develops the power of the 2nd chakra on all levels and also leads to the heart chakra and forehead chakra. Thereby the resonance to persons who belong to the own spiritual path can be improved enormously. It becomes so much easier to find the soul partner.
A deeper, intuitive understanding for oneself and for each other is promoted and the partnership togetherness can be experienced more fulfilled and happier on this basis.
The 4th chakra with its function of love, kindness, forgiveness, is better energized by a strong and harmonious 2nd chakra and can therefore naturally fulfill its tasks more easily.
The 6th chakra with its functions of attuning to the personal path of the soul, letting all cells and organs in the body work together as a “family”, and intuitively attuning to the right work, home, circle of friends and hobby, needs a well functioning 2nd and 4th chakra in order to be able to do its work in turn.
In the deepening of the resonance to the creative power, the pelvic organs receive a new, higher vibration quality. And self-consciousness can be developed sustainably.

With the Kanseya Sotiran you meet your Inner Beloved, your Inner Beloved and dive into an ocean of tenderness, joy and love.

In this seminar the complete program of Kanseya Sotiran with all initiations, exercises, mantras and mudras will be taught.

The program in detail…
– Innocence and wisdom – The foundations of healthy, strong self-esteem
– The different types of shame and their harmonisation.
– The basic meditation of Kanseya Sotiran. A full-fledged meditation practice to attune to the power of creation, to relax and raise personal vibration.
– The mudras of Kanseya Sotiran for powerful spiritual healing
– Instruction in the practice of meditation.
– Application of the energy work of Kanseya Sotiran for other people and for meditation with the partner.
– The valuable possibilities of Kanseya Sotiran for the development of spiritual sexuality.
– The dissolving of blockages of sensuality and ability to enjoy through Kanseya Sotiran

Walter Lübeck

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