Kanseya Shaynar

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Oktober 16, 2021 | 10:00 am – 6:30 pm CET

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Oktober 14, 2021 at 10:00 am CET

Meditation, heart opening and forgiveness with the Great Goddess and her angels

This basic level of Three Ray Meditation (DSM) is called Kanseya Shay’nar, which means: “Learn to Ride the Winds of God”. The winds of God (creativeness) are the currents of life forces that cause the eternal changes and Divine order in the material world.
The term “Kanseya Shay’nar” comes from the spiritual tradition of the continent Lemuria, which sank about 12000 years ago in today’s Pacific Ocean.
We can suffer from the changes caused by the winds of God and their vital, luminous power – if our ego tries to enforce its will – or be very happy with it – if we create space for the soul.
A central prerequisite for getting along well with these spiritual influences is a healthy, functional, high vibrating heart chakra. Forgiveness, tolerance, love, kindness and compassion can connect spiritual and material in a harmonious and constructive way through the heart chakra. The heart chakra connects spirit and body, spiritual and material. And that is exactly what Kanseya Shay’nar is all about.
The basic level of the DSM serves the forgiveness and heart opening and is at the same time a powerful method of meditation. Through the Kanseya Shay’nar meditation, the mind can finally come to rest and space can be created to experience one’s own divinity and deep connectedness in love with all that is personal. Thus daily life changes towards the spiritual. The divine order returns. Inner peace spreads.
The basic training Kanseya Shay’nar supports the opening of the heart, the spiritual purification of the heart chakra and its healthy function. In addition, a deep process of forgiveness is brought about.

The basic exercise of Kanseya is the heart meditation of the archangels.
It serves to stabilize the energetic structures of the heart chakra. The heart chakra is the bridge between spiritual and material world. Only through this energy center is it possible to live a happy, spiritually inspired everyday life and to harmonize personal needs with spiritual personality development.
Through the process of opening the heart, which Kanseya accomplishes with regular application, the ability to forgive and to lovingly understand and accept the foreign is promoted. The heart chakra is able to perform its very own function as a flexible link between the spiritual and material world more and more effectively.
This also makes the integration of spiritual teachings into everyday life much easier, and the certainty of encountering the divine in everything will grow.
Another effect is the strengthening of the immune system and the support of the spiritual healing of hopelessness and cynicism as well as despair and depression.
With further exercises, special processes of forgiveness can be designed and promoted, the resonance between people and their part-personalities, organs and body areas can be significantly improved.
Even learning can be made much easier with the Kanseya Shay’nar
The Kanseya serves to stabilize the energetic structures of the heart chakra.

The seminar program of Kanseya Shay’nar – Heart meditation and forgiveness with the help of the Great Goddess and Her angels at a glance…

• Initiation into the Mudra and the Mantras as well as the spiritual energy fields of Kanseya Shay´nar
• The Heart Meditation of Forgiveness with the Goddess and Her Angels (general)
• The heart meditation of forgiveness with the Goddess and Her angels (for specific themes or persons)
• Fill the room with the heart power of the Great Goddess.
• Chakra Healing with the Heart Power of the Great Goddess
• Personal union with the Heart Power of the Great Goddess
• The Mantra of Divine Love
• Heart cleansing, vibration enhancement and forgiveness up to the DNA level with the help of the Great Goddess and the Archangels.

The Kanseya Shay’nar can also be used for other beings!

Walter Lübeck

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