Enjoying your home and enjoying your life supportet by the great goddess (Sou La Toya Neri)

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November 14, 2021 | 10:00 am – 6:00 pm CET

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November 12, 2021 at 10:00 am CET

The home should be a place that provides security, stabilizes health and gives body, mind and soul strength for everyday life.

However, the ancient art of making the house, apartment and garden such a place of power has been largely lost in the trials and tribulations of time.
Methods such as Feng Shui (China) and Vastu (India) are imported from Asia – in Northern Europe, dedicated esotericists are striving with great commitment and considerable success to revive the art of geomancy, which has only been preserved in rudiments.
As effective and useful as these methods are, they tend to touch the surface of the problems, since they do not work directly with the spiritual beings and fundamentally view the idea of the sacred place as a home from a utilitarian perspective rather than understanding the central importance of the temple as a dwelling place.

Sou la Toya Neri is the art and science of making the house, dwelling and garden as the temple of the Great Goddess. This system was applied to temple construction and to the construction of the famous sacred Rainbow Gardens of Lemuria. The Rainbow Gardens – Louayanti Daliyerou – were built on the slopes of the sacred mountains of Lemuria (Cered Dai). They contained mandalas of herbs, flowers and bushes, water features, grottoes and ponds, sacred springs and ancient trees that helped the inhabitants of Lemuria to develop their individual spirituality.

With Sou la Toya Neri, the “Feng Shui” of the Great Goddess comes into your home. The universal order of the Goddess is established in the rooms by means of mudras & mantras. This harmonizes problems in the living area and creates positive tendencies.
Through a traditional system the mandala of the universal order becomes recognizable in your home and garden, it can be activated and individually tuned.
You will learn in this seminar to decorate your home with power places of the Goddess, according to the needs of the inhabitants and the spirits present there. With the color and form teachings of the Great Goddess, aesthetic variations of the interior design can be created.
Special healing symbols and mandalas of the Great Goddess for the home and garden help to harmonize more serious problems. They represent something like the pillars of the temple, which the home ultimately is.
To use the healing power of herbs for home and garden is to invoke the power of the sensual devas of these plants. Through the coordinated bouquets of scents, the subconscious is directly addressed, the inner child comes alive. Herbs can be used to create a magical atmosphere in the garden and in the home in any season. Fountains, whose water has been blessed by the Great Goddess, and healing stones, which are placed in the water arranged in mandalas, support the plant devas in their work for the benefit of the inhabitants.

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