A Day with Angels


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17. Dezember 2022, 10:00 – 18:30 Uhr

Webinarraum mit Software “Zoom.us”

15. Dezember 2022 um 20:00

Angels, the light-filled helpers, are happy to be with us to show new ways to create harmony and peace.
In this webinar we invite the Arch Angels to enjoy numerous, intense spiritual clearings. This will release the burden from important life issues. The heart becomes much freer. And carefree the good gifts of life can be enjoyed.

I channel the following archangels with their energies and messages for you…
– Ariel (nature in you and around you)
– Metatron (help for spiritual children; transforming lower energies into high vibrational ones)
– Uriel (intuition; inspiration; spiritual life in the material world)
– Michael
– Gabriel (well-being of the inner child; wisdom for parents; sensible handling of feelings)
– Chamuel (inner peace)
– Raphael
– Zadkiel (forgiveness; Compassion; harmonizing troubling memories)
– Jophiel (Understanding and creating beauty spiritually; good feng shui; harmonizing overwhelm)
– Raziel (Making life a prayer; receiving and living the highest wisdom)
– Jeremiel (Creating and maintaining connection to personal spiritual life plan. Perceiving and understanding one’s own life from a spiritual point of view)
– Raguel (peace and harmony; healing misunderstandings and disputes; meaningful cooperation)
– Azrael (healing grief, loss; accompanying the deceased into the light; harmonizing fears of old age and death)
– Sandalphon (spiritual approach to music; perceiving the divine in music and art and being enriched by it; teaches prayer and helps to understand answers to prayer)

Throughout the day you can enjoy clearings with the healing beneficial energies of the 12 Archangels and listen to their messages. You do not need to learn or do anything. Relaxed you can ask the angels to come to you from home.
A headset is best suited. The clearings and angel messages are alternated with the magical music of the elf drums.

Walter Lübeck

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