Dragon fire – Dragon wisdom – Dragon healing


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07 November 2020, 7:00 – 10:00 pm CET
08 November 2020, 10:00 am – 6:30 pm CET
09 November 2020, 10:00 am – 6:30 pm CET

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Registration deadline
5th November 2020 at 10:00 am

The dragons – angels are a special kind of light beings.
They are very close to the forces of nature. These are: the elements water, fire, earth, air. But these are also the life processes in nature. The long-term life processes of the earth, the moving tectonic formations. The movement of the glaciers, the rivers, the springs. The life cycles of plants and animals. From the individual to the human being. Yes, even the movement of the stars in the universe. Birth, life and death of the suns, the galaxies. Black and white holes, birth and death of races of beings, the power of radiation.
The dragons – angels are also responsible for the feelings of the beings, the primary feelings, which come from the soul. These light beings are very friendly and through their deep connection to liveliness and life itself they are wise and powerful helpers in the constructive shaping of life and relationships.
The contact and cooperation with the Dragon Angels will bring you back to nature, and also to your nature. You find fulfillment in what and who you are and in how the world is. This contributes significantly to inner peace. Whatever happens in your life, they strive – angels understand you and the point of view of your soul. They help you to keep the balance to your ego, to let it become more and more the servant of your soul.
In this respect the dragon angels are important companions on the soul’s path, because this path is blocked by the activities of the life-hostile ego. Dragons understand the ego and its fears. But they also understand the soul and can serve as mediators between both.
The dragon angels have the special ability to connect the Yin and Yang chakras with each other, so that they function optimally. Thus relationship – and shaping ability are coordinated with each other.

The program of the webinar…

• The magical healing power of the dragon dance – experience the devotion to nature in you and around you in the dragon dance, charge yourself with the primordial power of creation and find peace and harmony beyond the rational mind. Share the healing vibrations of the dragon dance with other people, plants, animals and places.

• Looking into the eyes of a dragon – an intensive transmission of healing power and wisdom from the light realms of the dragons. Reveal your truth about diving into the dragon’s gaze. Clarify your consciousness and dissolve trances.

• Let your hands be blessed by the fire of the dragons. Awaken and develop your hand and finger chakras. Learn to pass on the healing powers of the dragons through your hands. Individual blessings of your hands with dragon fire for special tasks of spiritual healing. Remote application and application for yourself is also possible and will be taught.

• Calling the light powers of the dragons into this world with the mudra of the dragon angels, making amulets and talismans with it. Meditations with the mudra of the dragon angels.

• The Dragon Fire Star – perform complex and individual spiritual healings with a Dragon Fire Matrix that is created again and again. The awakening of your spiritual Self through meditation with the Dragon Fire Star.

The tribes of the Dragon Angels and their special spiritual healing powers and wisdom. Your Totem Dragon Angel is chosen for you, who can accompany you especially well on your spiritual path, because he is similar to your true Being.

Walter Lübeck

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