Chakra Energy Cards – Questions and Training


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April 2, 2023 | 7:00 – 10:00 pm CET

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The Chakra Energy Cards (CEK) have been around for about 30 years and have been translated into several languages. For a new oracle this is an extraordinary phenomenon. For me it is no wonder, because the CEK are an oracle for daily life. For a fulfilled, spiritual life in the material world.

The 126 cards are suitable for dealing with the small and big problems of life. They give wise advice and – something very special – with their seals, one of which is on each CEK, energy transmissions can be performed immediately and spiritual healing processes and changes in the life structure of individuals and groups can be supported.

Over the decades, a wealth of knowledge, in addition to what is explained in the extensive accompanying book, has been developed. For example, there is the Shri Yantra (if needed: available as a laminated A3 poster in my publishing house), an ancient Indian mandala that depicts the entire creation. In this structure of sacred geometry, each CEK has its place. Thus the CEK indicate and explain the Divine Order.
It is possible to work numerologically with the CEK.
They can be used to improve Feng Shui.
The assigned healing stones, flower essences and fragrances open rich possibilities to harmonize occurring problems.
The CEK can be used with or without Reiki and have found a permanent place on the living room table in tens of thousands of households to “get some quick advice”.

In this webinar I answer questions about the CEK and also explain important techniques of using the CEK in numerolgy, feng shui and spiritual healing. I also give an introduction to the Shri Yantra and the CEK.

Walter Lübeck

72,- € incl. VAT

For all who work with CEK
One set of CEK
The book does not have to be read beforehand.
Likewise, the Shri Yantra poster does not necessarily have to be present.